Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Discs, HEB and Starbucks with Marilynn

Tuesday, February 2, I slept like a rock and was up at 8:30 on this cloudy morning. The low was 42 degrees and it gets up to 55. We have a light breakfast with whole grain pecan bread. I spend the rest of the morning until 2:00 scanning CDs and old floppies of pictures and backed-up documents. My lost photos I thought I found were never copied correctly. The discs are blank. What a bummer. It has been a roller coaster of emotions with these travel photos. We verified that we have everything we can get off the discs for copying to our external hard drive. Then Bob destroys all of the old discs and cleans out our box of technology parts, wires, software, manuals, etc. Man, that stuff can really accumulate. This will never do in the RV lifestyle.

He takes a break and ties down the new shelf we put in the laundry closet yesterday so it doesn't fly out of the cabinet as we go down the road. Marilynn called this morning and we agreed to meet later after lunch. Bob and I have leftovers and then go to HEB to get fruit and ingredients for two soups. Back home Bob checks our Steadyfast package that picked up from Glenda's to ensure we have all the parts. I call Marilynn and meet her at Starbucks down the hill. She's on her way to HEB when I call. We have a fun afternoon break of Cinnamon Dolce Latte and lemon bread.

She added tiger-eye stones to my necklace and I love it. She also redid several pairs of earrings and gave me some new doohickeys. She has to 'close' my necklace so I won't have it for a few days. How nice to get it custom made. We had a fun visit and it was great to see her again. How I miss all the times we had, especially on the Austin Music Scene. Speaking of which UT is trying to close the Cactus Cafe, an Austin music institution. The cry of outrage is coming from all quarters. We'll see what happens. That's where Marilynn and I saw Jimmy LaFave and acted like complete groupies!

I head home to read the paper and Bob and I chop and chop for Ham Hodge Podge Soup. Peggy, our neighbor from Cedar Hills, called and I thought I hung up on her while getting my phone out of my purse. So I called her back and she had actually hung up because she had someone at the door. Anyway we agreed to meet her and Michael on Thursday for lunch. Then I returned Joyce's voice message. We're invited to lunch with her and Dan next Wednesday and they will try to teach us Ponytail Canasta.

Our soup is simmering. It's 6:30 p.m. and 54 degrees with 71% humidity.

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