Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grand Opening Clubhouse at Southern Oaks

Billie, Bob, Rita and Bud pause by the pond on the way to Southern Oaks clubhouse grand opening
Friday, February 19, I stayed up late last night to watch the Olympics and got to see my first skeleton competition. I was still wide awake at 3:36 a.m. I woke up on a board at 8:30. After breakfast and a stretch I put the trash out barely in time for that guy that comes by and picks it up at the curb. It rained all night and all morning. There is a little pond on the road two sites over from us. We can't believe they didn't put us in that site. This morning the laptop won't fire up so we let the battery run down and try to reboot.

Nan calls at 9:00 to cancel our walk due to inclement weather. I lounge around getting ready for our happy hour at 3:00. Nan knocks at 11:45 to say folks are gathering at the club house. I had no idea a catered lunch was happening from 11:00 to 3:00.I thought the food was tonight with the DJ. tom goes over there and gets a sandwich while Bob and I are still getting cleaned up and dressed. At last we are presentable and go over to roust Tom and Nan around 1:00. We all walk down to check out the Grand Opening. We get a mini-tour of the unfinished clubhouse by Gary, a local who has a house in Rockport. He points out where the library, laundry and showers will be.

We go in the meeting/community room for a brisket sandwich, Cole slaw, potato salad, pickles and lot of desserts and truffles. Ann and Jerry from Washington state who we met at the chiminea christening the other night join us at our table. Lois is serving in the chow line. We see Terry at the door on the way out. All of us walk to the parking lot by the office to tour the three 5th wheels they towed here this morning for the guests to view; Big Country and Big Horn by Heartland and a Montana. They are all 39-plus feet long. We still love The Titanic.

Back home at 2:30 I make my queso. Nan makes her salmon dip. Bud and Billie arrive at 3:00 with a bottle of red. I pour butter nipples for everyone. We put out snacks and view Bud's Haiti CDs. It is very interesting to hear his comments. What an experience! We chat until 5:30. Bob and I go with Bud and Billie to view the three RV models. Nan joins us for another look. We pick up Tom on the way and walk to the clubhouse for DJ music and dancing. Bud and Billie know this DJ from the Valentine's Day party at Drifters where they are staying. There is lots of Texas two-step and line dancing, even some polkas. Terry and Jerry join us to chat and we visit with Lois. We leave around 7:00 like the old folks that we are.

Nan invites me to walk with her and Roxy. It starts to rain and we're glad to get home. Bob and I watch the Olympics. It was a fun day. It's 8:25 p.m. and 58 degrees. The high was 63 and the low was 54 with 88% humidity.

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