Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laundry and Gracie's One Last Time

Thursday, February 11, I wake up on a board at 8:30. It drizzled all night but never froze, only got down to 38 degrees. It rains all day and accumulates quite a bit in the pond. I get some birthday cards ready this morning. After a light breakfast and a stretch I pack up four loads of laundry and head to the laundry room in a light rain. No one is there so I come back for two of the laundry bundles. By the time I get back there a guy comes in with his two loads so we share the machines. Bob gathers up our Goodwill stuff for a dropoff tomorrow and fixes the pull on my purse zipper. What a guy! And he Velcro's down the DVD recorder which we are pleased to note has successfully recorded White Collar last night.

When my first two loads are in the dryer I go back home and get my other two loads. The only problem is a lady comes in and puts a bunch of bedding in one of the two remaining dryers so now when my two loads are done I only have a dryer for one. She can't figure out the coin slot and after she leaves we realize her machine is not running. So we retrieve her stuck quarter and add three more for her and she's back in business. Some delivery truck pulls up and tries to deliver a new Rv refrigerator. He finally finds the mobile RV repair guy.

After all of that we get out of there by 2:30. We drop the laundry off at home in the rain of course and head to Gracie's for lunch. At this time of day we are the lone diners. We both have the Pot Roast special that comes with chocolate cake today. Next stop is the Post Office in the rain where our packet of mail is waiting for us. The postal employee actually knew it was there when I asked for it.

Home to open the mail and read the paper. I'm happy to see several Christmas cards. And all of our Income Tax stuff arrived so that's good. Sad news from a long-time postcard pen pal who lost her husband in December. My heart goes out to her.

We have soup and watch our recorded show and tonight's The Mentalist. I have an email from my brother Mike. Dallas has four inches of snow and it's still coming for a projected total of ten inches; a record! I'm glad all of ours is just rain. But I keep thinking of how nervous my niece Megan must be as she's nearing her due date.

We get a surprise call this evening from our Iowa RV friends Tom and Shirley. They are in Benson, AZ, heading back to Texas to visit their son in Houston. They wanted to know the RV Park we met them at in Bay City. Bob can't find it in the campground book but I get on-line and find it in my journal-Bert's on 35. Wow, that was in March 2006! Nice to chat with both of them. It sounds like we may be able to meet them as they swing back through Texas. How fun!

It's 11:12 p.m. and 38 degrees with 89% humidity. The high only hit 43 today. It's not supposed to freeze tonight here. Sure hope they are right as Bob did not unhook the water. I can't believe we leave the day after tomorrow.

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