Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ricoco's and Dominoes

Latin grill in Taylor, TX
Sunday, January 31, I woke up at 7:45 on a board to 58 degrees in the living room after a low of 32 degrees last night, but I was toasty under three quilts! I don't really know where the morning went--the NY Times crossword puzzle probably. A new travel trailer arrives at the Park at 8:30 in the morning. That seems early--what in the world time did they get up to pack up, drive and arrive here that early? We had a light breakfast around 9:30 and then I stretched. I rehung Manny, Moe and Jack Frost. Then I got myself cleaned up as Bob searched for Bellingrath Garden Maid pictures. We can't find them on the laptop.

With the temperature at 35 degrees at 12:30 we leave for Steve and Elaine's. Their dogs are sleeping on the job as they do not greet us when we pull up out front. It's too cold for them I guess. Elaine has us pick out two loaves of bread from the Bastrop Farmer's Market; Multi-grain Pecan and Cheese & Herb. They both smell heavenly. What a bargain for $4.00 per loaf.

We all pile in their car and head to Ricoco's Latin Grill in Taylor, TX. We get a table in back and start with a vinegar/slaw salsa and red picante with chips. I try the Shrimp Enchiladas Verde. Bob has pork tips with a verde sauce. Elaine has a very spicy chicken stir-fry and Steve has a great looking chicken breast. What a cute place. I take a picture of a Shrek bowling ball for sale in the lobby for $100.

The high only gets to 42 degrees today as we head back to Cedar Hills for Mexican Train at Stave and Elaine's. She serves Andres Mint Chip Brownies. These are heaven and I have to try to make them. I get on such a chocolate high that I win the dominoes!

Shrek bowling ball bargain!

Steve and Elaine are nice enough to lend us their small Lasko space heater for the next few days to make it through the cold snap. We head home by 7:30 as the thermometer reads 38 degrees. We stop and find a Sunday paper at the second gas station we try on the way home on Hwy 71.

Back home we blow the circuit breaker two times with the addition of a second heater on one circuit. We finally get a doable setting for each one and life settles down. We read the paper and have a snack. It was 48 degrees in the living room when we got home but an hour later it is up to 59 degrees. It warmed up much faster with two heaters in the living room and one in the bedroom. It's 8:32 p.m. and 37 degrees with 71% humidity.

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