Monday, February 22, 2010

Movin' On to Aransas Pass, TX

Big Bertha and The Titanic at Southern Oaks, Arnasas Pass, TX
Saturday, February 13, I read until 2:00 a.m. (37 degrees) before I could finally fall asleep. Got up at 8:00 to 34 degrees. Bob has the internal water pump on when I get up so I thought the outside water faucet froze. But he got up and said the low was 34 so it can't be frozen. he thinks the RV Park shut the water off. It must be true because a couple of hours later it's back on. I'm so glad. i can't imagine a frozen pipe and no water as we try to pack up and move for the first time in two months.

We have Joyce's Crispy Thingies for breakfast and I stretch. I must be getting used to our new RV because our packing up was pretty smooth. We have a few new things on our checklist, like the ditital picture frame that has to be stowed. But now our 'down under' is all organized. We left at 11:09 and took the same route we always do to The Coast; Hwy 71 to 609 to 2436 to 77 south to 239 through Tivoli to 35 south. We didn't have to stop for gas as we have a bigger tank now and we get better fuel mileage with the diesel. So we pulled into a picnic area along 35 just before Aransas Wildlife Refuge. I sure needed a restroom break-we used our own as this is just a turnout in the road.

The view of the sunset and pond on the soon-to-be golf course out the front of our RV

We find the turn into Southern Oaks Luxury RV Park, 1850 Hwy 35 ByPass, Aransas Pass,TX 78336, (361) 758-1249, after 184 miles. We remembered it being more like 200 so maybe our tires are a different size. Who knows? It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes. Heather in the office takes our $100 deposit. We'll settle up for $350/month plus electric usuage at 14 cents per kilowatt when we move out in a month, or whenever we decide to leave.

Terry poses with their Holiday Rambler on the lot they purchased here at Southern Oaks

I had called Heather from near Victoria on the way down and she said they moved us and Tom and Nan from sites 211 and 210 to 203 and 202 respectively. As we pull in we make the circle at the end of the row and Bob backs in. We are set up by 3:09. Without further ado we head to Charlottle Plummer's in Fulton; our favorite seafood place here. I have the Shrimp Platter and of course Bob has the oysters. We go back home along Business 35 and stop for a San Antonio paper at Valero. Have to stop twice as the place we got fuel at 35 Bypass and Bus. 35 had no paper. We only had four gallons of fuel left. Then we drop off our go boxes at home and go out for a walk around our new RV Park. I snap a picture of our new RV site and the pond out our front window.

Jerry brings more wood for the fire as Bob, Richard, Lois and Terry look on.

We pass the clubhouse which will have a Grand Opening next weekend and wander through the resort ownership lots. About a dozen are developed. A group on the turn at the end calls us over to help christen their new chiminea they just purchase from Lowe's. Terry and Jerry from New York have built some improvements on this lot along the golf course where they park their Holiday Rambler motorcoach. Terry gives me a tour of their out-building with a fridge, storage, and bathroom complete with a shower.

We also meet Ann and Jerry from the State of Washington, along with Richard and Lois who we walk home with at dark. They have a Pommeranian and a mix. They are in a 5th wheel just down the way. What a fun visit; they were all friendly folks. They were drinking Blackstone Merlot and were a few drinks ahead of us. I snapped a picture of Terry by her RV as she gave me a tour of their lot.

Jerry babies the fire as the other Jerry, Lois and Bob gather 'round.

It is chilly after we leave the warmth of the fire. Back home I get on-line and send emails. My brother Mike says the 12.4" of snow in Dallas is an all-time record. Bob scans TV channels and we watch the Olympics. It's 8:30 p.m. and 52 degrees. The high was 64-Yeah we must have come far enough south-with 79% humidity.

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