Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wax On; Wax Off

Gertrude gets gussied up for Valentine's Day
Wednesday, January 20, Bob decides to take advantage of a warm, cloudy day and wax the front and rear caps on The Titanic. These are the only areas they recommend waxing and ours looks a little dull in spots. Besides that he gets to try out his new ladder. The ladder is great, very steady. He's wondering if the 7-foot would have been better but it is so hard to find a place to store it. The waxing helps some areas but we may have to talk to them about a few spots that may have missed a clear coat finish when it was built. We hope to get the furnace fixed at a Glendale dealer on the Coast in February.

I take a few minutes to decorate for Valentine's and dress Gertrude in her red. I had planned to do laundry but realized we're out of quarters. So we finish the waxing and get cleaned up and head to Gracie's for lunch. Some gal in there had on risque jewelry if you can imagine that. We stop at Dollar General on the way home for sundries and score a newspaper out front. I have plenty of quarters now after stopping at the bank in downtown Bastrop.

We make one last stop at Best Buy and discover quite a sale on Sony Digital Picture Frames. We almost buy one but decide to go home and check out our USB card reader for my Sony camera to see if it will all work since this model doesn't have a USB port. I get on-line and research a few things. We eat some leftovers and talk it over and decide we've always liked the style of the Sony frame and the clock feature is important to us. So we'll give up the 2.0 USB port (it has the small USB port) since it is on sale for half price. Back to Best Buy in Bastrop. The great digital photo frame search is over.

I get on-line after we have leftovers and find an email from the RV stabilizer guy. He got the pictures we sent and it sounds like they are compatible with our RV. Unfortunately, we were shocked by an emailed forwarded to us from our friends Tom and Nan-Marie who we met in Ohio this summer. Our RV manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy! We should have gotten that furnace fixed sooner. Many of our RV friends have found themselves in this situation as dozens of manufacturers (old and new) have gone out of business in the past three years. Glendale has been in business for 60 years so you never know. Hopefully they can emerge from bankruptcy in a short period of time. I guess this morning as we were waxing the caps we really were just rearranging deck chairs on The Titanic!

It's 9:40 p.m. and 64 degrees with 78% humidity. The high was 74 and the low was 62.

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