Friday, January 15, 2010

Rain, a Puzzle, and Paperwork

Thursday, January 14, I slept like a rock until 8:30 after taking drugs for my tongue. The low was only 50 degrees and the high just gets to 59. It is cloudy with a light rain. After a light breakfast and a stretch I work on paperwork, correspondence, bills, pictures and journal pages. Delie calls from our old Cedar Hills neighborhood while I'm in the shower. They invited us to 'game night' on Saturday. It was nice of her to think of us. I call her back to say we're free. Sounds like Duane's back is no better so him and Ellen cancelled.

I call Glenda about football for the weekend. We'll watch the Saturday afternoon playoff game with her and then walk across the street to Mike and Delie's for game night. Glenda invites us to watch the TIVO'd Sat. night game and 'Da Boys' on Sunday. We'll see if we're up for four days in a row of social engagements.

Bob and I went to Maxines's for lunch (also on "Texas Monthly 40 Best Small Town Cafes in Texas".) Bob has a great grilled chicken taco salad with chipotle ranch dressing. I have turkey provolone sandwich on wheat berry bread with a dill cream cheese sauce. We both enjoy the tomato basil soup. We can taste the influence of the gal who owned The Pecan Tree Cafe that we liked so much a few years ago. We get a paper out of the machine out front after I robbed my camera case for emergency quarters and we head home.

I continue to work on journal pages. My brother Mike calls and we have a nice chat. I didn't realize Megan and Casey drove as far as Denton, TX, on Christmas Eve and turned around due to the weather and came back to Dallas. They tried a gain on Christmas Day and made it to Purcell, OK. Mike and Bob chatted about the 150 flys Mike tied while up at Lake Texoma during the Big Freeze. It was cold up there with 8 and 9 degrees. Wow! We have leftovers for dinner and watch The Mentalist. It's 8:20 p.m. and 57 degrees with 91% humidity. It rains all night.

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