Monday, January 18, 2010

Football with Glenda and Game Night

Flameless Candles!
Saturday, January 16, I slept in until 8:45. It is sunny and warm. This is more like it. It is so nice to see the sun after three days of rain. A really old Class A is in site #32 behind us. No wonder they fixed the broken water pipe so quickly. A scraggly older guy and a younger 20-something guy with him. They have so water or sewer hooked up,just electric and cable TV. Maybe because it was pouring rain when they arrived.

We have a light breakfast. I start a new book, "Patriot Pirates" by Robert H. Patton. Then I get on-line for a bit to work on journal pages. While on-line I look up Pizza Hut in Bastrop. They have a special going--any large pizza, any crust, any toppings for $10.00. We stop to pick up a Super Supreme ($10.83) on our way to Glenda's. The guy tried to give me two large pizzas for Bree. I kept saying "No, for Rita." We finally sorted it out.

Glenda has the table set and beverages ready when we arrive so we sit down and have pizza and veges with dip. Then Glenda has us look at the snowmen winter scene she is making for our wall-hanging. We had to make a critical decision about the border.

The football game is started and Arizona scores on the first play. Fortunately Glenda has Tivo. Unfortunately New Orleans slaughters the Cardinals and the game turns out to be very lopsided. Glenda's friend Helen went on a search and found flameless candles for me. I have been admiring Glenda's. They are perfect for RVing. They look like candles and are in fact coated with wax. But they are lighted by batteries. They actually flicker and glow like a real candle. And these are vanilla-scented. How nice of her to find them for me.

At half-time I guide Glenda through loading the Chihuly pictures I sent her onto her digital photo frame. She did a great job and they are quite colorful. At 7:00 we walk across the street to Mike and Delie's with three domino racks, a set of Mexican Train and my mini-flashlight. It is great to see everyone from our old neighborhood (Peggy and Michael, Joyce and Dan, Jackie, Debbie and Luis and Donna.) Dan had some dental work done this week and his face is black and blue. He retires early and walks home next door. I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to him more before he left. Joyce looks great after her latest hospital stay at the beginning of the year.

We drew numbers out of hat for tables and Joyce was at our table #1 in the kitchen so we got to visit, along with Delie, Luis, Donna, Joanne and Bill. Bob wins at our table; Donna and I take 2nd and 3rd. It looked like Luis would win but he had a series of bad rounds at the end.

Delie serves a yummy Black Forest Trifle that tasted as good as it looked. The other table #2 was still playing. Glenda wins over there! The Reids' home is so lovely. It was nice of them to include us in their gathering. Peggy and Michael will try to get with us for lunch on Wednesday of this week, or maybe next week if that doesn't work out. We walk back to Glenda's and bid her farewell around 10:30. What a fun day. We head home to our chilly RV. It's 11:33 p.m. and 43 degrees.

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