Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glenda Fought the Log and the Log Won!

Bevo in Christmas attire behind the UT Coop on The Drag in Austin, TX
Sunday, January 3, I slept eight hours through at last. This morning I lounged and read. After breakfast I took a walk in spite of gray skies and 45 degrees. There is no wind so it doesn't feel too bad. We cleaned up and went to HEB to get veges and fruit. We tried to get two 6-packs of beer (they had a good price on Blue Moon and Ziegenbach.) The young gal who checked us out said "You can't buy this until after noon today." It is 11:16 a.m. Sunday morning. We are definitely back in the deep South. Oh well, I guess HEB has a good marketing technique to put their beer on sale when you can't purchase it.

We take our legal stuff home and read the paper and eat our broasted honey mesquite chicken. I cut up veges, read the paper and around 2:15 we leave for Glenda's and a night of football. Her house has lost all of the Christmas decorations. She sure has been busy. Right before we arrived a big log rolled to the front of her fireplace and smoked up the room--hence the title of today's journal page. We got a laugh out of that.

We watch Dallas beat Philadelphia handily. At half time we enjoy Rotel Cheese Dip, veges, coffee, tea and Rice Krispy Treats. I try to reset the number of rings before voice mail picks up on Glenda's cell phone but fail again. I have better luck with her HP digital photo frame. I take her 4GB Transcend flash USB memory card to her desktop PC and actually find a spare USB port on the back of her CPU tower. I drag and drop the photos I emailed to her, plug it back into the photo frame and Voila! She has eight new pictures. My favorite is Bevo the UT mascot that I took last year on a Christmas shopping trip with Glenda to the UT Coop. I sent all of these pictures to her in email resolution and they look fine. Next time I'll send more and try one in a higher resolution. What a relief--I didn't mess up her 147 pictures her son Dan had loaded on it at Christmas.

We watch the first half of the Bengals vs. Jets game. Cincinnati doesn't show up. Around 9:30 we hit the road with a promise to meet for a movie in Bastrop on Wednesday. Bob and I are home by 10:00. It is 42 degrees so we crank the heaters up and get in bed. It is nice to be home on such a chilly evening but Glenda's fire sure was nice.

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