Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mail Call--Christmas Cards at Last!

Monday, January 4, I was up before 7:00. It is 34 degrees and sunny. I have lovely morning reading "Sugar Cookie Murder." We have breakfast tacos. I'm very proud of myself for going out with gloves and the hood up on my parka to walk. Back home for a much-needed stretch-I seem to have some weird pain in my foot. I put up our new calendar after adding up my total fitness activities for 2009 that I kept on the old calendar. We only cycled about 400 miles and golfed 35 rounds. We decided we spent too much time purchasing and dealing with the new truck and RV. We vow that 2010 will be different!

Around 11:30 we go to the post office and I encounter a long line. A third window is opened up by an older lady postal worker who comes out of the back and says "What's this, Christmas?" All of us in line chuckled as we were thinking the same thing. Our packet of forwarded mail is there and I find Bob in a remote parking space out back. We stop at HEB to get a paper and of course our beer we couldn't get yesterday morning. Well actually they are out of Blue Moon so we had to get a 12-pack of Ziegenbach. HEB is all about the Rose Bowl on Thursday with The Texas Longhorns' merchandise in place of last weeks huge display of Xmas stuff.

Home for leftover Las Cocinas for lunch. Then I tackle the mail stack. Fortunately there are no items to bite me like sometimes after a few months. I had fun reading all of the Christmas greetings. I love hearing from everyone. Then I worked on some bills and financial stuff wile Bob brought his storage drawers inside from 'down under.' It is cold outside with a north wind so he spread it all on a blanket in the living room to reorganize the contents. I updated addresses on my Christmas card list.

We had leftovers for dinner and read the paper. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a repeat (but tomorrow morning I get an email from Patti with a link to one of Guy Fieri's picks that they visited in Oklahoma!)Check it out on YouTube. It's 9:50 p.m. and 37 degrees. Bob is outside draining the water supply. He might have to every night for the rest of the week since a big arctic front is headed this way. The high was 48 today with a low of 34.

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