Friday, January 15, 2010

Camping World and Cabela's

Our new folding step ladder
Tuesday, January 12, I tossed and turned with an inflamed ulcer on my tongue. I get these every once in a while and this is a bad one. Got up late at 9:00 to a sunny, warm day. The low was 40 and the high gets to 62. I had a voice message from the dentist's office confirming our appointment tomorrow. That should be fun with my ulcer.

While Bob takes a shop I get on-line and find a Facebook 'friend' request from Val's daughter Katherine. I love it when the young folks stay in touch. I sent some emails; Elaine re: dinner Friday night and Tom and Nan-Marie re: Southern Oaks in Aransas Pass. Then I took a shower and Bob tries to fire the computer up to look for lunch destinations as we plan to head south on I-35 to Camping World. The laptop will not boot up. It's in a loop and keeps recycling on the MS logo. I can't believe it. I was just on and it was working fine. We let the battery run down so we can see if it will reboot after that.

Meanwhile, we walk down to take the trash out and find Barb, the RV Park owner. She is just going for a walk with her niece and the dog Scruffy. They turn around and go to the office so we can sign up and pay for another month here. Barb is always so nice. She remembered about my surgery the first year we were here and asked me how I'm doing. She said they had their 30th or 31st annual family reunion (Paul's side) in Ruidoso, NM, at a church camp with 109 attendees! They cook for you at this camp and each family has their own accommodations.

And it gets smaller...

Back home the laptop still is stuck so we take it with us to keep an eye on it while the battery runs down. We don't trust that battery pack that was smoking one time a while back. I hope the whole PC hasn't gasped its last breath.

We head south on Hwy 21 through San Marcos. We eat lunch at Red Lobster there. It must have been 20 years since we ate atone. Their lunch prices are great. I had crab-stuffed flounder. Bob had Sailor's Platter. Thus fortified we continue south to Camping World. We never can remember the exit, the laptop wouldn't boot up so we could look it up and we never saw a billboard so we pass it up and do a u-turn. But there is a huge new shopping mall so we check out Target and Best Buy for digital picture frames and ipods. We're still looking.

On to Camping World. Bob takes the plunge and buys a 6-foot folding ladder since we now have our 'President's Club' discount card for the year. These ladders reallyfold to the size of a 4x4--so they can be stored in a tube underneath your RV.

Next stop is Cabela's in Buda/Kyle. The place is deserted. The women's wear is just empty floor space. So I head to the Bargain Cave with high hopes it has all been dragged back there at greatly reduced prices. Not so! I found one pair of convertible-length slacks. We leave at 4:00 or so; Bob empty-handed for once. We get a paper at Shell in Bastrop and head home.

And is finally 4 x 4 x 6!

Bob gets the ladder out from under the tonneau cover on Big Bertha while I make breakfast for dinner; thin breakfast pork chops, fried potatoes, eggs and veges. I'm posting some pictures so you can see how it folds up. We haven't decided if we're storing it 'down under' or behind the couch. It's so long we have limited space to put it. We made it six years in our other RV without a ladder but The Titanic is just too high. We read the paper and watch both NCIS's. The water is off and we have no pressure right after we get home. Guess they are fixing all of the Big Freeze damage. Bob fires the laptop up and it works! I'm so happy. It's 6:40 p.m. and 56 degrees with 33% humidity.

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