Friday, January 22, 2010

Laundry, Wax, Deli Depot and Driving Range

Sony Digital Picture Frame with Dale Chihuly glass on random
Thursday, January 21, I'm up at 8:10, just in time to see the digital picture frame come on automatically at 8:30! We love our new toy. It is set on random and is kind of mesmerizing; like watching a fireplace. It has some weird clock glitch when it is on random; the analog clock goes to the time/date that the picture was taken. We'll have to investigate that.

After Crispy Thingies for breakfast Bob waxes the front cap of the RV (now that we know Glendale will not be solving our clear coat problem.) I snap a picture of his shadow on the roof as I sort four loads of laundry in the bedroom. The jewelers call while I'm sorting clothes to tell me my rings are ready. I tote laundry baskets down to the laundry room and read my book while Bob is slaving away on the ladder. It is a gorgeous day with a high of 74 after a low of 51 degrees.

Bob gets cleaned up when he's done waxing and arrives in time to help me fold and cart it all back home. We dump the laundry inside and drive to Deli Depot in downtown Bastrop for lunch. We both have the special of the day; pork chops, mashed potatoes, veges, a great sourdough bread and Italian Creme Cake. We grab our go boxes and get a newspaper out front. Back home we still have to stow the laundry. I get on-line to send emails, research Panasonic DVRs (Bob was looking at one at Best Buy last night--do you think we can cause them to go bankrupt?) One thing leads to another. We finally ended our digital photo frame search and got hooked on DVRs.

We take a break to go to the driving range. It is so warm today we work up quite a sweat. Back home in the heavy Hwy 71 traffic to settle down with the paper. We have leftovers for dinner.l I smile every time I see the Chihuly glass art scrolling by on our digital photo frame. It's 5:56 p.m. and 69 degrees with 30% humidity. This is why we go south in the winter! The cedar count is supposed to be high today and even higher tomorrow but it is not bothering either of us yet.

Bob in a Kopopelli pose waxing the front cap of The Titanium

I'm still reeling a bit from Glendale's demise. Basically we lost a year of our two-year warranty. The Beauty, our first Lakota travel trailer for 5 years of our journey)was manufactured by Monaco Coach. They went bankrupt a few years back but we were already out of warranty by then. So parts are the main issue after that. Bob will have to MacGyver things in his usual fashion. I'm so lucky to have the advantage of his knowledge, skills and expertise!

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