Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Storage Unit, Contact Lenses, Rings and Sherlock's

Wednesday, January 27, I'm up at 7:30. How sad to begin my day washing two sinks full of dishes from last night's stoup assembly. I didn't want to wait for the water to heat up after we were finished with our cooking last night. Sometimes it's hard to remember to fire up the water heater BEFORE you need it.

There's a flea market in the living room as yesterday we packed up and gathered everything we want to drop off at our storage unit. Bob loads it into Big Bertha and we're off at 10:00. We go west on 71, miss the exit ramp to nowhere at I-35, bat-turn at Congress and go south on I-35. We quickly unloaded our storage items and stuffed them inside. Bob immediately nixed our idea of trying to find three things in specific boxes we wanted. We know exactly which number box but it was daunting to think of moving them all to get to the ones we wanted. We didn't need anything that badly!

Next we go back to Ben White Blvd. to the Wal-Mart but find no space heaters. Another freeze is predicted for the next two or three nights. I did find sew-on Velcro for Glenda's Winter wall hanging. We go west on 71 and missed the exit (not marked) for MoPac. It's been too long and we didn't remember we really needed to take 360. I guess Austin is becoming as foreign to us as all the rest of the cities we visit in our travels. Finally we get on MoPac north to FM 2222 (or 'four twos and Loop 1' as our friend Donna called it many years ago when she was visiting and got turned around in Austin.)

I hopped in to the optical place to pick up my contacts while Bob walked to the corner gas station for a paper. I popped my contacts in. The right one was burning like crazy; maybe from the solution they were shipped in. I get some drops from the helpful fellow taking care of me and all is well. I'm seeing perfectly out of the right one but that left one is blurry. I set an appointment for Dr. U on 2/8 (she's only in on Monday and Thursday.)

Next we stop on Anderson and I pick up my rings ($97 for repairs and resizing.) Then we decide to try Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill at 183 and Burnet Rds. We ate at one in Edmond, OK, but it was just called Baker St. Pub & Grill (no Sherlock.) You can read about that location on my journal for April 16, 2008 on my Earthlink homepage On the Road 8 x 30; 24 x 7 The Sherlock's here in Austin is new this year. Bob got a Kilian's Red for $1.75 for 23 oz. I share it. I tried the Scotch Egg appetizer (hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage and bread then deep fried; served with hot mustard and pickle relish made with balsamic vinaigrette.) I add a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. Bob tries their pot pie.

We stop at Target at Peyton Gin but they sold out all of their space heaters. We're home by 2:30 and settle in with the paper. Bob reads up on creating 'albums' on the digital picture frame. It's 6:15 p.m. and 65 degrees with 64% humidity. The high was 68 and it was cloudy all day after a low of 53. Tonight is Obama's State of the Union Address. I spend a couple of hours catching up on journal pages since Saturday. Bob and I are vying for computer time now that he is in picture mode.

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