Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Chai Cafe, Jewelry, Mexican Corn Chowder and Train

Bill, Jo and Beau show off Chalet Camper
Saturday, January 23, our morning routine is a quick one as my friend Marilynn comes by for a tour of The Titanic around 11:30. I did manage to get some early morning ironing in and chop my veges for tonight. And I called Glenda to talk about football and food tomorrow. I'm glad to hear she's joining us at The Stowe's this evening after her afternoon baby shower for Donna's grandchild. Marilynn pulls up out front and calls out "Nice color truck" from the window of her matching Chevy! Bob is 'down under' hanging our new ladder from the ceiling of the storage compartment.

I give Marilynn the tour. She surprises me with a KGSR CD "Broadcast Vol. 17." I love those; so much different, new music on one CD. Bob comes in as Marilynn spies our new digital picture frame. She can't believe the Chihuly pictures were taken by us in our travels. She asks Bob if he can help her assemble a stationary bike stand that has come into her possession without an instruction manual. She'll bring it by for him to look at.

We leave Bob to his work 'down under' and head to Green Chai Cafe (it used to be overlooking the Colorado River downtown Bastrop) now located in the old Cajun place with the cute courtyard just east of Maxine's. We both have the Melissiama Flatbread pizza (mozzarella, spinach, tomato, Parmesan, feta, onion, pesto, and black olives.) It has a delightfully thin crust and great cheese. Marilynn adds a Caesar Salad. I splurge on hazelnut soy latte.

Dan, Joyce, Glenda, Jo and Beau tour the A-liner camper-Love the Texas wheelbarrow yard art in the background!

Marilynn brings in all of her jewelry that she has been making. She had a trip last year to Phoenix to a show where she purchased the most amazing stones. I am speechless at her creativity. Lots of oohing and aahing as she gives me five or six of the two dozen sets of necklaces and earrings to take home so I can find the perfect match for my flowered skirt I plan to wear to a spring wedding. We have a leisurely lunch and catch up on news. Robin, a young lady who helps with her pet boarding business, has moved into her guest room as a boarder.

I walk down in front of Maxine's to get a paper and then we stop at Sugar Shack by the River to browse the gifts and candy. I get a couple of truffles for Bob and me. Marilynn finds some good-looking sugar-free versions.

Next we head on to Coffee Dog on Hwy. 71 but it closed at 2:00 (it is now 2:06.) This is just like old times with us bumming around. I sure miss my pal. She drops me off at the RV Park and says she'll bring her bike rack for Bob to check out. I will check out the movie times and get back to her.

Bob is done with the ladder. I read the paper and around 4:30 we head to Jo and Bill's in Cedar Hills, our old neighborhood. It's funny that we never were at their place when we lived here in Elgin. We got to know them after we went on the road full-time. They have a gorgeous home that they built here. Jo meets us at the front door. Beau, their cute little white dog, greets us as well. Jo has quite a flair for decorating and we enjoy seeing their lovely home. Shortly after he retired, Bill made the kitchen cabinets out of mesquite and tiger-eye maple. Joyce and Dan soon arrive and we all to out to tour Jo and Bill's Chalet A-liner camper as Glenda arrives.

Jo, Glenda, Bob and Bill enjoy Mexican Corn Chowder

They have made some nice modifications to their camper. This A-liner has way more room than when Bob and I saw them way back during our Casita days. It sure made me homesick for our little Casita camper and all the great times we had in it.

We all go back inside to enjoy a great Mexican Corn Chowder with chunks of fresh avocado on top. Tomato Basil bread and corn bread accompany my veges. Joyce brought a great dessert. We play Mexican Train with their new Canadian domino set until 9:30. Joyce went home to their place to get her new little puppy, Titch. What a cutie! It was a fun evening. In fact, the whole day was a delight--spent with good friends.

Bob and I get home by 10:00 and I have time to work the crossword. The high was 74 degrees after a low of 48.

Titch helps Jo play the correct domino!

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