Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liz, Connor, Val and Katherine Tour The Titanic

Katherine, Rita, Bob, Val, Liz and Connor at Gracie's in Bastrop, TX

Sunday, January 10, I slept on a board after catching up on my journal pages in the middle of the night from 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. I won't sleep in the living room when it is 50 degrees again. Our heater was pointing at the canned goods cabinet behind the island (the pipes are behind there--to heck with the humans on board!) I got up at 9:00 to a bright sunny day with a low of 23 degrees. We had a light breakfast of Elaine's tasty bread. Bob tries to hook up the water after it gets up to 32 degrees. Site #32 behind us has a frozen water pipe and cracked valve. It is spouting water all over our bikes that are hanging on the back of the RV. Bob puts a wooden block on the valve to divert the water so our bike cover doesn't freeze solid.

Mini Donkeys come running when they hear the peppermints being unwrapped

Our own water supply at our site #37 is frozen when he takes the foam off the stand pipe. A bit of time in the sunshine thaws it and we have water for showers. Some RV gawkers in a white dually make a bat turn to drive by The Titanic three times from all sides. They must be shoppers for a new RV.

Katherine feeds a mini donkey

Liz calls at 12:10. She is heading to Bee Caves and 2222 to pick up Valerie and Katherine. They should be here around 1:00. Bob walks to the camp host's site, the Ohio couple, to report the water leak behind us. Just before 1:00 Al came to check it out. Soon the camp hosts walk by with a clipboard. I guess they are checking for leaks and trouble at all of the sites in the Park.

The mini donkeys line up for a photo with Liz and Bob (Donkey's are on the right! Ha Ha!

I see Liz pull in just after 1:00 and my phone starts to ring. She's by the pond and doesn't see me out front waving while on my phone. At last she spots me and heads this way. It sure is great fun to see all of them. Katherine and Connor are getting so grown up. When I first worked with Val and Liz neither of them even had children. Now their kids are almost as tall as I am. That's more than I care to admit.

These little guys are hungry!

We give them the grand tour. And we decide that Val never saw our other RV. We chat for a bit then we're off to lunch at Gracie's, all piling in Big Bertha. We find a table for six in the back. The young gal who has been our waitress before recognizes us and takes good care of us. A nice young man who is a patron in the restaurant offers to take a picture of all of us.

Connor gives the mini horse a carrot

Katherine makes a bold choice and tries the Ham and Banana Pepper Sandwich that I'm going to have to try next time for sure. Connor enjoys his cheeseburger. I have the Mahi-mahi. bob and Val go for the Roast Pork Special and Liz has Chicken-fried Chicken. It was all great.

This little horse is trying to tell us something!

We head home to feed carrots and peppermints to the mini horses and donkeys at the RV Park. The little donkeys come running first, followed by the horses. They devoured everything we had. Sure wish we could have gotten them all over here when Ethan was out to visit.

Is Connor trying to get his Mom to eat more vegetables?

We head back home for Christmas Date Cake and coffee. Katherine finds Twisted Bumper on YouTube so we can watch three versions of Bob's Jamaica Zip Line. Then we show them The Silent Monks. Katherine promises to 'friend' me on Facebook (sure enough I get an invite right away.) All too soon they hit the road. What a fun visit!

Val can't resist this cute little beggar.

Bob and I go to HEB for the Sunday paper and fruit. We're home by 6:00 and watch the football. Arizona wins in OT on a defensive interception. I call Glenda and tell her I will join them for quilt shopping tomorrow. She'll pick me up at 10:00. We read the paper and have leftovers from Chili's.

Katherine, Bob, Connor, Val and Liz

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