Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bob vs. Recliner; Colts and Saints Win!

Glenda has Manny, Moe and Jack Frost hanging in her den when we arrive.
Sunday, January 24, I walk, stretch and make queso dip. We pack up and head to Glenda's at 1:15. She has our Winter quilted wall hanging done. It is hanging in her den. I just love Manny, Moe & Jack Frost!

She remembered to print the Stuffed Cabbage Stoup and Double Fudge Cake with Chocolate Buttercreme Frosting recipes for me! Bob adds new batteries to Donnella, Glenda's new 'pet' that breathes--very creepy! We look at patterns and pictures for a Spring quilted wall hanging. The first game at 2:00 is Jets vs. Colts. The Colts start slowly but prevail in the end. Glenda's son Dan calls with sad news that his wife Cherly lost her grandfather so they are still in Centralia, IL, on their way back to NY. Bob plays with Glenda's digital picture frame while she's on the phone.

At half time we break out queso, tortilla chips, Fritos (I'm a Frito Bandito!), veges and honey mustard dip. Between the two games Bob goes through the digital picture frame menu with her and has Glenda choose frame and other settings. While they're at it, she chooses a burgandy mat and he changes her matting for her.

Bob guides Glenda through digital picture frame menu during half-time.

The second game starts at 5:40; Vikings vs. Saints. This turns out to be a very close game that goes back and forth with the scoring. The Saints win in overtime after Glenda downs extra Tylenol and blood pressure meds. We pack up and hit the road around 9:30. Glenda says her son John and his friend Andy will get here at 9:30 in the morning to work on her job list. It was a fun day again enjoying football and food with our friend Glenda. Bob had a couple of rounds with Glenda's recliner and it wore him out!

Back home we read the paper we picked up at Chevron on the way to Glenda's. I'm still working the crossword in bed at 12:45 when I pass out.

Donnella gets new life breathed into her.

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