Monday, January 18, 2010

Blair Starts a Blog

Sunday, January 17, I slept like a rock after our fun night out. It is sunny and warm again with a low of 42 degrees. The high gets to 61 today. We have visions of going to the driving range. First we have a light breakfast even though we're out of Elaine's good bread. I stretch and run the vacuum then have a shower. I put out my flameless candles; the tall one in the bedroom and the two shorter ones in the kitchen. They look great. We go to Wal-Mart and find once-a-year wax for the RV caps, fruit and ingredients for Crispy Thingies. Wally-mart has a poor selection of digital photo frames. They must have gotten wiped out over the holidays. Back home we enjoy Lemon Pepper Broasted Chicken.

I have an email from my brother Mike regarding his Christmas purchase of a Kodak digital picture frame. He likes the battery option so you can pass it around the room; good point. Finally after we eat lunch I'm able to call my friend Blair in St. Louis. She got on-line while waiting for me to call and signed up for and set her profile for her blog that I promised to help her get started with. I took our laptop in the bedroom and got on the phone with her.

She cannot see the icons to edit text or add photos. We finally realize she needs to reply to her confirmation email. Now she can upload pics and publishes two posts! I go out to her site "hay lake regulars" on and there it is! It looks great. She set her blog up by invitation only so if you're interested in following her account of our favorite fishing resort in the great state of Minnesota, let me know and I'll have her set you up. She posted winter snow pictures and it sure made me want to see Hay Lake at this time of year. We've only been there in the summer. However, I know we would not like the current temperatures.

Blair says it is warmer in St. Louis now than it was during the recent cold snap that caused us so much trouble here in Central Texas. She can keep the house at a comfortable temperature now with her heaters; like us, her furnace is not working--boy can we relate! It was fun to visit with her. When I get off the phone I realize the Vikings have slaughtered the Cowboys so Blair has another reason to celebrate.

It's 3:30 p.m. so Bob and I blow off the driving range as the second football game is just starting. The Jets advance against San Diego. We read the sun paper and work the crossword. Then we watch "Prestige" on Sy Fy (hate the new spelling.) I love Michael Caine, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale in this "Twilight Zone kind of movie." I have leftover Morelia's for dinner. It's 9:45 p.m. and 52 degrees with 65% humidity.


OsageBluffquilter said...

I'd love to see Blair's blog. You've teased me enough with pictures from Hay Lake. And of course somewhere there is a quilted wall hanging I know about!

Hay Lake Regulars said...

Oh, how I appreciate your getting me started on a blog for Hay Lake! There is a possibility that a friend of Doug's will be ice fishing there next weekend, and I'm hoping he has a camera to take a video that I can try to post. I look forward to having your Journey's End soup when I get back to Minnesota, a perfect place for it! Let's hope there are some Happy Vikings this weekend... Love to You Both!

Rita said...

Patti, I've asked Blair to set you up to see her blog.