Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bob vs. DPF--New Chihuly's; Reet vs. Convection Oven

Monday, January 25, up at 8:00, light breakfast, walk, stretch. Bob goes through six years of pictures to resize and load all of our Dale Chihuly glass art shots on the memory stick for the digital picture frame (DPF). I vacuum and clean house after I get on-line to send emails. Jo sent her Mexican Corn Chowder recipe. How nice!

We break for lunch and head to home depot for a dowel for Glenda's Winter wall-hanging. We get a paper at Shell (some lady Home Health worker is look for Old Bastrop Hwy and Schafer off of that so it's a while before I get out of there.) We continue on to the driving range. I did better today with my Merrill hiking shoes on. My neuroma on my toes doesn't hurt as much.

Back home I make Ghirardelli Symphony Brownie Muffins for Jean's visit tomorrow. I love my new convection oven. The high is 63 degrees today and it is 71 inside the RV but I get no heat gain after running the convection oven at 325 degrees for a half an hour. The low was 40 this morning and a cold front is headed our way. It's 4:50 p.m. and 63 degrees with 21% humidity. The sunset is a beauty and I run outside just in time to capture it.

Another Burnt Orange Sunset over Bastrop, TX

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