Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cajun Chili and Paperwork

Tuesday, January 5, I was wide awake at 5:30. I tried to stay in bed since it was so cold but nothing doing. I had to get up just before 6:00 and brave the living room. It is 56 degrees inside and 28 degrees outside. It's a good thing Bob unhooked the water. Our neighbor next door in a small 5th wheel has water dripping under his rig. Not sure if it's coming from the water hose input or from a pipe or tank on his undercarriage. Bob sees him look at it later and just get in his truck and drive off. Bob says 'He's not that guy.' He would have to at least look at it. Somebody shut his water off a few hours later; maybe his neighbor or the owner, Paul.

I snuggle under the down comforter, sip coffee then hot tea, and read my book. The sun is out but it doesn't get above freezing until late morning. And today is supposed to be the good part of the week. Once again I forced myself to go for a walk. But today is actually warmer without the wind blowing. I don't even put my hood up. But I do put my gloves on. I take my bills to mail, and take the trash with me, and put the new insurance stuff in the truck on the way. Once I come inside I'm not going back out there.

The RV is toasty when I return and smells like heaven as Bob is deep into making his Cajun Chili. I stretch and do my strength routine. My darn right foot/toe is killing me. It's always something. After we dig into Bob's chili he goes out to flush the holding tanks and attempts to reroute the propane bottle controls but ends up leaving them in the original position.

I work on photos, email and journal pages. Bob goes down to Shell for a paper. When he returns we browse the news and work the puzzles. I go back to my journaling, we break for leftover chicken. Now I'm back at the computer again before NCIS starts. It's 6:40 p.m. and 46 degrees with 44% humidity. The high got to 48 today.

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