Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holly, Doug and Ethan Tour The Titanic

Holly, Bob, Ethan and Doug on the road between the ponds at Bastrop RV Park
Saturday, January 2, we catch up on our sleep after New Year's Eve but still have time for a leisurely breakfast, a walk and stretch before cleaning up for lunch with our Austin friends Holly, Doug and Ethan. They get here at 12:30. We give them the grand tour. Holly said she saw the Egg Art jigsaw puzzle on my website so she brought a Photomosaic puzzle that they worked. Those things are hard. We worked one a long time ago. This will be a challenge. And she brought me a Large Letter postcard fold-out of St. Louis. How nice! We pile in Big Bertha and head to Las Cocinas for lunch. We had planned on Gracie's but mentioned Las Cocinas and Ethan liked the idea of Mexican. Bob and I didn't think it was as good as it was for dinner on New Year's Eve. Maybe the lunch cook is different. Anyway, Bob and Holly's cast iron plates were sizzling when they arrived.

As we backed out of our parking place, Bob got the front bumper off of a stump he barely ran up on. He drove through downtown Bastrop, around the courthouse and past Gracie's so they would know how to find it.

Back at Bastrop RV Park we all walked down to the ponds with mints for the mini horses and donkeys. But we had to walk way around to the other side to get to them. Only one little horse came over to the fence. All Bob had to do was open the peppermint and hold it up. The mini horse was kind of chubby and we made matters worse by giving him a handful peppermints. We went around by the big farmhouse but none of them would come over. Maybe Barb, the owner, had just fed them.

Ethan gives a peppermint to a brave mini horse while Doug captures the moment and Bob looks on.

So we walked back to The Titanic for dessert and coffee. They were telling us about watching the AMA's top 100 films of all time by ordering them on Netflicks. Sounds like fun. They hit the road around 4:30 to get home before dark and in time for Dr. Who tonight. It was a fun visit and I'm glad they got to see our new home-on-wheels.

Bob gets in on the act

Bob and I read the paper we got on the way home from lunch. Then I call Glenda to make a football viewing plan for tomorrow. It looks like Fox and Time Warner Cable reached an agreement so the Greater Austin area won't lose Fox's programming. What a zoo!

I called Mom and Dad to wish them a Happy New Year. Dad said it was 4 degrees there this morning! Yikes! That's way too cold.

Holly, Bob, Ethan and Doug wait at the fence to no avail

Yesterday in our spare time Bob and I calculated the square footage in our old Lakota travel trailer (The Beauty) at 255 square feet versus our new Titanium at 335 square feet. So we gained 80 square feet of living space but it sure feels like more than that. It must have been the 'right' space that we gained.

Doug and Holly enjoy Symphony Brownies and fake Carmel Macchiatos

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