Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Titanic Bath and Happy Hour

Jerry, Terri and Ann at Southern Oaks

Wednesday, March 9, I'm up at 6:30 a.m. It is overcast and muggy with a low of 63 degrees. The fog rolls in after 8:00; seems weird to roll in later in the morning after waking to a clear day. I work on my journal early this morning. On an RV chat room I find a message about three styles of RVers: 1) Meandering Tourist; 2) Purposeful Tourist; and 3) Working Tourist. Bob and I are the Meandering Tourist--"Wanders around with no definite plan in mind. If they get somewhere and feel like staying, they do. If not, they move. They enjoy an area for what it has to offer. (Note--some RVers meander more slowly than others!) The Purposeful Tourist has a mission such as "seeing all of the state capitols, or playing a golf course in every state." The Working Tourist is just that whether they work for the money to afford the lifestyle or volunteer to make a difference. We have met all three types in our travels.

Bob and I are having a light breakfast this morning when Keckner's RV repair calls to tell us we are first on the schedule and the guy will be here i a half an hour. He actually gets here in 15 minutes, arriving at 9:05. They sent a different guy this time, a young fellow from Lafayette, LA. Once again he drives his truck to the permanent lots in the back. They send him up here to our row and he passes us and goes to 204 for a few minutes. Then he backs up and comes by our place at last.

He is very knowledgeable about our two-stage furnace. He installs the new circuit board and it works. We finally have heat and of course the high for the day gets to 75 degrees! At least all of our major appliances are working at the same time in our new RV. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that and jinxed us.

I call nan to see if we can walk at 10:00 instead of 9:30. It is too crazy trying to find paperwork for the repair guy. She says okay and asks for the phone number of The Strand hair salon as she wants to try to get an appointment for a pedicure. I fire up the laptop to look it up (I can't find the card they gave me) while also digging out the VIN# and purchase date for the repair guy. By 9:50 he's gone. All we had to pay him was $30.00 for the mobile service call (it was $45.00 for the mobile service call in Cambridge, OH, last summer.) Keckner's will file for the warranty coverage. We are ecstatic! Bob had a downer moment this morning when the water heater wouldn't light after changing over to a new propane bottle. But it turns out to just be air in the line.

Jerry (NY), Jerry (WA), Ann, Tom, Nan, Bob and Terri enjoy Happy Hour at site 203 Southern Oaks

Nan, Roxy and I walk in slight fog and mist. We take our umbrellas but the mist ends on our first round. We chat with Lois and Richard. Their two doggies got haircuts and look so cute. They have friends visiting from Maryland (they all worked together in Georgetown, TX when their company transferred all of them there.)

Nan and I agree we'll all meet later for Happy Hour. I make Corn and Pea Salad for the Shrimp Boil we have planned tomorrow while Bob works on digital pictures. We clean up and go to lunch at Pepito's. They have Veracruz Snapper on the chalk board. Our waitress says it was still up there from last night's special but she'll ask the cook. Yes, we can order it so we both try it. It comes out almost steamed/grilled and crusty on the bottom with a great tomatoey sauce with veges and green olives. It was outstanding. There are two big tables of RV-aged ladies here today. At one of the tables the ladies are all sporting red hats and purple outfits.

We get a paper at Valero by HEB and then browse a second hand shop in Aransas Pass. We find used books, puzzles and some plastic tumblers. My nephew Travis calls on the cell as we enter the store. He's counting hotel reservations for their wedding in May. He confirms that Uncle Bob and I will have our own accommodations. It is nice to chat with him for a bit. He reports that it is 70 degrees in Missouri after being really cold a few days ago.

At last we head home to tackle washing the Titanic. Bob does the roof and I do the sidewalls, windows and wheels. We work like dogs but it is a gorgeous day. A dry front blows out the humidity of 91% this morning. The high is 75 degrees. Jerry (the Washington Jerry here at Southern Oaks) drives by to ask if we got our furnace fixed. I'm happy to report Yes! I invite them to Happy Hour tonight and say we'll be out there between 5:00 and 7:00. He wasn't sure if they could make it but they'll try.

Bob and I finish up the RV and I get myself cleaned up. I check with Nan who is vacuuming The Pup. She says they'll be over in a half an hour or so. It's 5 o'clock as I am heating up my queso and getting out snacks. Jerry and Terri show up while Bob's still cleaning up. They are nice enough to help me move the picnic table onto the concrete. Then they come in and visit while I finish making the queso dip. We have Butter Nipples to start off our Happy Hour. Bob joins us and soon Ann and Jerry join us. We all move outside and cart out the snacks.

Terri brought Cranberry/Apricot Chutney over cream cheese-delicious! Nan and Tom join us with Buffalo Chicken Dip and cheese and crackers. The mosquitoes are uninvited guests. The sunset is a big red ball beyond the pond. Dan stops by from next door to say hi. He's heading over to Steve and Debbie's. He says he loves his new Windows software. Dan knows Ann and Jerry from when they were camped next to his mother.

We chat and snack until we lose the daylight. We bid farewell to Jerry and Terri who are going to Houston tomorrow to say goodbye to their sun. We may pass them in Victoria on Saturday as we head towards Houston.

Nan and Tom help us bring in all the food and join us for the rest of the evening "Now we can be ourselves!" Tom and I polish off Bailey's and Butterscotch Schnapps. Usually it never works out that both bottles are empty at once. I make coffee for Nan and I "If you make some for you, I'll drink it." What a full and fun day. It is foggy as those guys leave. It's 10:31 p.m. and 62 degrees with 85% humidity.

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