Monday, March 15, 2010

Hemmingway's and Happy Hour

Tuesday, March 9, it is cloudy, windy and warm--what's new is that it is muggy. I work on photos and journal pages, have breakfast and walk with Nan and Roxy. Terri runs out and gives us her Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe that we enjoyed so much at the Social Hour. She also gives us her address info, etc. I have to get in gear for my 10:45 hair appointment at The Strand with Bette (361-729-6231.) I invite Nan and Tom to go to Hemingway's for lunch with us. They call after I get home from my haircut around 11:30 and say they're going to Los Comales and then across the Bay to get their pet food at the general store.

Bob and I go to Hemingway's in Rockport around 1:00. It is a nice place with great seaside decor. Two huge blue marlins hang on the back wall. The lunch special is gone; too bad because it involved crab and avocados. The entrees are pricey, even for lunch. I choose Scallops Risotto with Asparagus (three scallops for $11.95 seemed a bit on the high side.) Bob has Black Drum with capers that was very good. My coffee was $3.50, yikes, like Starbucks only not as good.

We stop at Marineland across from Hu Dat on Fulton Beach Road. They just sold their inflatable kayak so we pick up a brochure. Then we stop at HEB for fruit and nacho ingredients. We must have just missed Nan and Tom in the grocery store. They were in there getting Buffalo Chicken Dip ingredients.

When we get home Nan is sitting outside working on her quilting. Bob and I join her after stowing the groceries and putting my macho dip in the crock pot. Tom brings Roxy back from a dip in the pond and joins us. Soon we drag out all of our food and spread the KOA campground tablecloth on the picnic table. Nan invites Dan to join us but he's a no-show. (The next day he says he got a phone call from is sister right as he was about to join us.) I bring veges and HEB Chocolate Drop Shortbread Cookies. As we clean up the table and bring stuff inside, Roxy runs after a boxer on a leash with its owner and gets in big trouble. Once Roxy gets out there on the road of course, she cowers.

After all of that, Nan, Bob and I take a walk. Ann and Jerry have Terri and Jerry over at their place for 'social hour.' So of course we join them for a glass of wine. Poor Tom is at home with Roxy. Ann and Jerry need a happy hour as Jerry cut his thumb with a pull saw around 1:00 this afternoon. Ann drove him to the doctor to get eight stitches. He was putting up a wind screen and the saw slipped. Bummer! We had a fun chat. It was nice of them to ask us to join them. We bid them goodnight and head home.

We walk back to The Grand and chat inside while Roscoe, the cat, entertains us by climbing behind their TV in the entertainment center. Bob and I leave after 9:00. What a fun day again. It was muggy all day and is supposed to be foggy in the morning. It's 10:32 p.m. and 70 degrees. They predict a high of 82 tomorrow. Now that's why we come to the Texas Coast this time of year!

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