Sunday, March 7, 2010

JD's Cove Harbor Grill and Rockport Aquarium and Art Center

Sunday, February 28, I was up at 7:00. It is sunny and windy. At 9:30 I walk with Nan and Roxy. Home to stretch and we decide to axe the laundry today as it is way too sunny to do work. The high gets to 64 after a low of 49 degrees. I send an email to cancel Bob's birthday happy hour on Tuesday as schedules are not working out with everyone.

Nan and Tom may go to the Aquarium in Corpus which we have done in past years. Bob changes our printer ink cartridges as they finally give up the ghost. I Google for restaurants when we realize the Apple Dumpling in Rockport is closed on Sundays. I find JD's Cove Harbor Grill (in the old Uncle Billie's Wife's location on Bus. 35.) I introduce myself to Dan next door in the Presidential as he is outside as we leave. We head over to Rockport and find the old restaurant has been remodeled and is very cute now with a seaside flair.

There is a letter on the wall from the Rockport Chamber of Commerce about their recent ribbon cutting ceremony. It says JD was a Coastie (in the Coast Guard) in Kodiak where he met his wife. They moved here to open a restaurant. Their daughter is a waitress. It goes on to describe all new stainless steel fixtures in the kitchen, A/C in the entire building now, a remodeled dining area and "on top of all that free singing by my husband coming out of the kitchen!" And that is very true. He had 93.9 Oldies station blasting on the radio and he sang loudly to all of the tunes as he 'bammed' the spices and garnishes onto the dishes. The waitresses all sing along too.

We split a Crab Ball appetizer as it is their signature dish. It was very good with lots of crab and no filler. I have the fish tacos (grilled Mahi-Mahi) and Bob has the grilled Mahi-Mahi sandwich. We hope this place does good down here.

Next we're on to Rockport Center for the Arts. They are changing shows today so it was kind of disjointed. We struggle against the wind to get to the Rockport Aquarium across the parking lot. Two volunteers are there today and I ask the lady if she knows Julie (her and Chet were camped next to us last year at Rustic Cove.) Yes, she knows her and she still volunteers here on Thursdays. I told her to let her know we said hi. Seems Julie was kind of sick this past year. Hope she is doing better.

We finish browsing the aquarium and stop for a paper at Valero. On the way back we hop in the bird feeder/photo gallery shop on the main drag in Rockport. I find a greeting card mobile. The antique place in the little mall is closed on Sundays. Nan and I need to do the shops here but not Monday as many of them are closed.

We go home to read the paper as the wind blows and the skies are hazy. A new Grand Junction is setting up curbside-we're surrounded by them! We wave at the guy but leave him alone to set up. It's 4:10 p.m. and 64 degrees with 60% humidity. At 5:00 we put the bikes in the 'garage' as we're tired of them falling in the wind and we need to cover them to keep the salt air off. We rode them around first to see if the derailleurs are okay. I sure a got a yearning to hit the bike trails.

We knocked to see if Nan wants to walk. She'll join us for the second round as they just got home. The wind is really cold coming off the water. Nan and Roxy join us on the far side and we go around again. Our neighbor in the Grand Junction leaves in his truck so we check out his model #34 TRG, 2007. We say goodnight to Nan.

Canada won the hockey game in OT earlier. I work on the Sunday crossword. Later I leave a voice message for my niece Megan and our friend Glenda in Elgin. Glenda calls back and we chat. She's thinking about getting a webcam to stay in touch with her son Dan in NY. She tells me our Spring quilted wall-hanging is done! Wow! That was fast. I'll call her tomorrow if the office here says it's okay to send a package. We had a nice chat. She said her neighbor Donna has her new grandbaby. I work on journal pages until 9:30. The Internet connection is really slow now that the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics have ended. Everyone must be catching up on their computer stuff.

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