Sunday, March 21, 2010

Movin' On to Egan, LA

Reet catches a 'nice one' at Cajun Haven RV Park

Sunday, March 14, the time changed last night. We had forgotten until we read it in the paper last night. It didn't work well with our plan to get up early and get through Houston before the traffic got bad. So we went to bed at 10:15 (internal clock time--very early for me) and got up at 5:30 (6:30 DST). We ate breakfast on the pie table in the living room and packed up and left by 8:45. That's pretty early for us to pull out. There is dew on the truck windows and we can't see out. I hopped out in the driveway of the RV Park exit to wipe them off with a towel. All it did was smear around the dust from the road. Oh well.

We take 59 north through Houston and quickly get inside the loop. Traffic is heavier that we hoped for but it is six lanes most of the way so there is plenty of room for error. It turns out Hwy 59 is pretty easy to follow. You just stay in the 2nd or 3rd lane from the right the whole way. What a relief to be through there in 55 minutes. The sun rising in the east would have been worse if we'd left any earlier. For my part, when we finally quit RVing it will be due to towing 14,000 lbs. through big city traffic.

On the bright side, we get good mileage during our 209 mile trip today; 10.95 miles per gallon. We stop at a picnic area before Beaumont, TX, and a Visitor Center area in Louisiana where we have lunch on a picnic table under a pavilion. We pick up some brochures at the Center while we're here. It is sunny and 67 degrees. It feels warmer as the sun is hot. There is no wind. Traffic picks up by noon due too Spring Break I guess.

We arrive at 1:00 at Cajun Haven RV Park, 434 Trumps Rd., Egan, LA 70531. (337) 783-7330, at exit 72 off I-10. The guy who is supposed to be in the office is watching TV in his rig. His boss called him to say we were out front--Busted! He's a nice Cajun fellow, very friendly and polite. We pay $20.00 for one night and he leads us to our site, a long gravel pull-through with full hookups.

Bob wets a line at Cajun Haven, Egan, LA

They have a nice pond here. The wall in the office has a big crappie and bass mounted that were caught here. Bob and I set up quickly and have no issues. We try to call Fezzo's Seafood in Crowley at exit 80 off I-10. We call at 1:30 and they close at 2:00 today. Bob had found their brochure at the Visitor Center and thought they looked good. Oh well. We get fuel and a Sunday Lafayette paper. We end up eating at P & J's Hamburger Grill. We have a whole Muffalata Sandwich that turns out to be two whole round ones each the size of a 45 rpm record if you're old enough to remember how big that is!

We go home to check Fontainbleau State Park reservations on-line. They are full due to Spring Break. I will call in the morning and see if I can get anywhere on the phone. There is a cute wire-haired dog running around the campground. It's 4:50 p.m. and 77 degrees with 19% humidity, just a perfect day. The high was 81 degrees after a low of 52 in Richmond. At 5:00 Bob and I go out to fish the pond. I caught two really nice ones; 2 lb. and a 3 lb. bass. Caught a few eight-inch bass and lost pretty good strike. Bob caught some too and we had a fun evening.

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