Monday, March 15, 2010

City Diner But No Chocolate Cake!

Sunday, March 7, I slept like a rock until 7:00. My neuroma is still killing me, guess it was the walking yesterday. I hate to complain when I think of what we must have done to Tom's knee. I check email and find a picture of a 18'2" alligator and 67 rattle snakes in Halletsville, TX, 100 miles north of here sent by our friend Blair. I forward it on to Tom and Nan as they were worried about Roxy being in the pond if there might be alligators down here.

After a light breakfast I walk at 10:00 with Nan and Roxy. Ann's neighbor across the road found a Cocker Spaniel puppy. He's is so cute! They are calling him Tex. He wandered in and is very frightened. Blond coat and sad puppy eyes. I have to get out of here. I petted him. What was I thinking? Before we leave Ann give me Cheryl's Hair Salon card (Cheryl's Stylin', 4429 Hwy 35 South, Rockport, TX 78382, 361-719-3078 or cell 361-229-2091. I give Ann our address, etc and she gives their info to me.

Nan checks with Tom and says they'll go to lunch at City Diner in Corpus with us at 1:00 after they pick up his fishing reels from Tackle Town and check out Bay View RV Park.
I work on journal pages after Bob's done with the digital pictures.

At 1:00 we all head to City Diner, stopping for fuel and a paper in Portland. This '50's style diner is still great. This is the first time we get a table way in the back room. Nan, Bob and I have grilled Amberjack. Tom has the tuna. It was all great. Nan nixes our chocolate cake idea and saves us beauceaux calories.

Back home Nan and I agree to walk at 5:00. We find a note on our door from Ken and Vivian saying they stopped by and missed us. What a bummer! I give them a call and we agree to meet for lunch tomorrow at Apple Dumplin'. How fun! I read the paper. The skies are cloudy today but it is warm. The high gets to 67 degrees with 80% humidity so it feels warmer after a low of 60. It's 4:50 p.m. and 65 degrees.

At 5:00 we all walk, Tom too so we must not have fried his knee at Oysterfest. He took The Pup out for a spin earlier. He says the folks on Lot 79 found a home for the Spaniel puppy. Troy and Heather took him (at least Troy did, Heather doesn't know yet.) We met Terri and Jerry on the opposite side going counterclockwise. Jerry gives Roxy two doggie treats. I give Terri our address, etc. She promises to send the Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. It is breezy but warm. Nan and I agree to walk in the morning.

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