Monday, March 22, 2010

Laundry and Camellia's Cafe

Monday, March 22, I'm up just after the digital picture frame awakens (7:00 a.m.) The low was 43, no where near the 30's they predicted. It is overcast until around 11:00. We have breakfast on the pie table in the living room as the puzzle is on the dining room table. I take a walk, stretch and sort five loads of laundry. I walk over to check it out and find two ladies in there playing cards. They say the washing machines will be free in a few minutes. So I go back home, put in a few puzzle pieces and then walk back over with a load of clothes.

I chat with Babs and Shirley, two friends from Yale, located in the thumb of Michigan. Shirley and her husband Tom are trying RVing for the first time with a borrowed class A motorhome. They left Feb. 13th and can't believe how much they've done in such a short time. They have both lived in that part of Michigan their whole lives and most of their children (5 and 6) and grandchildren (17 and 18) live there. Babs has one child in Dallas and they head south to visit every year in their 5th wheel. They are going to the French Quarters for the next two days and then split up. Babs is going back to Michigan for her Dad's 100th birthday party! She said he faithfully took nutritional supplements all of his life. It was fun to talk to these great friends. Later Bob finds the sock Shirley was missing. We hang it in the laundry room. I'll tell her about it later when I see her.

We finish up around 2:00 and head to Camellia's Cafe for lunch. Bob has the Bisque again and Shrimp and Squash Casserole. I have Boiled Shrimp Muffalata Salad. Back home I go for a walk as the sun is out now. It's 5:31 p.m. and 60 degrees with 45 % humidity. I work on journal pages and get caught up for the first time in months! Well, I still have to reconstruct three quarters of 2009 that is not finished. Face it, I'll never be caught up really. Bob finishes his puzzle and we read the paper. Tomorrow the forecast looks good so we plan to cycle.

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sue hearty said...

Hey you guys! Good to read your updates! I suppose I forget to check! Sounds like your life is wonderful! All is ok here for Dan and I...well, not good...he was diagnosed and had surgery for prostate cancer. He's recovering nicely and enjoying the dr.s prescription to much as you want!
This is his 3rd week off...back next week, but with weight restrictions.
I think about you often...spent a few days in Cottage Grove with Doug this winter. A good visit!