Thursday, March 25, 2010

Basil Leaf Thai and Shopping Covington, LA

Thursday, March 25, I woke up at 8:00 a.m. on a board. Last night was the first time after cycling that I didn't pass out early. It rained during the night and is cloudy this morning. I walk before breakfast and stretch afterwards. We put the bikes in the garage as it looks like rain any time now. Bob surf the net early for antiques and restaurants in Covington/Mandeville. Or he tries to; the computer is sluggish. So he deletes all of our cookies and defrags the hard drive. I wash our Pearl Izumis.

At 12:30 we head towards Mandeville taking I-12 to Hwy 59 south. We cross the bike trail a bit west of the farthest point we've been on and intersect with Hwy 190. We find Basil Leaf Thai just west of Bus. 190. We're the only people in this upscale Thai place at 1:30. We start with Vege Rolls as an appetizer; their version of summer rolls. Dots of a very hot red sauce are circling the plate. I opt for Green Curry with shrimp. It is even better than Lana Thai's green curry dare I say it. Bob has Mussamen with shrimp. We both enjoy jasmine tea. What a great place. We probably won't be back as traffic is way too bad in this fastest growing Parish in Louisiana.

We take 190 to 22 west through town but never find the antique places. We give up in this horrible traffic and duck into a Dollar General to replenish our SoBe's and sundries. I find spring flowers for my soffet. we go back to 190 to Albertson's. What a great grocery store; $97 later we are heading home in 5 o'clock traffic. The high was 76 degrees and we find 84 degrees inside the RV. The low last night only got to 61. We stow the groceries and I take a few minutes to download pictures. I have an email from my friend Jean in Austin who is doing well after knee surgery and is cleared to drive again. It's 6:05 p.m. and 75 degrees with 33% humidity. It cleared off around noon and turned into a gorgeous day.

We have our door open and around 6:30 our curbside neighbor, Shane, knocks. He asks about our SteadyFast stabilizers. We chat for a bit. He is just moving here, works for Boy Scouts of America. His wife and two girls are following soon from Tennessee. This will put them closer to home, Hattiesburg, MS. Over 3,000 boy scouts are converging at camp here this weekend north of I-10 near the Space Center. He tells us a harrowing story about his Keystone 5th wheel coming loose from his Super Glide hitch and falling into the bed/tailgate of his pickup. Yikes! He said it was locked in and came out. I'll have nightmares about that now.

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