Monday, March 22, 2010

Southside Cafe and Chat with Blair

Sunday, March 21, it rained all night. There was no high wind or hail like they predicted and I'm thankful for that. The low is 42 degrees this morning so Bob tries to put the furnace on and warm this place up. When I get up he informs me that the furnace is not working again. What a downer! This is the first time we've tried to use it for heat. On the Texas Coast we fired it up 3 or 4 times to test it and make sure it worked after they put in a new circuit board and it worked perfectly. Bob thinks it is doing something different so it may be the other circuit board is faulty now. Oh brother.

It is so chilly outside that I skip my walk this morning. After breakfast I clean house for exercise. The sun is out now but it is windy and chilly. Around 1:30 Bob and I go to Southside Cafe, stopping for a Sunday paper at Kangaroo gas station first. A local Cajun guy is complaining about the price of gas going up. He's getting a 4-cylinder he says. A young couple in line in front of me gets carded for cigarettes. The gal is mad. She says "That's over doing it." The sales clerk says "It's the law."

At Southside we both try the 4 Bean Turkey Soup. It is a winner. Bob has Tuna Steak and I have Soft Shelled Crab. There is a birthday celebration at the table behind us that gets kind of loud, especially when the waitress brings an apple cobbler-looking thing with a candle on it.

We go home to read the paper on BIG Paper Day. I work on journal pages and am about to get caught up after our busy month in Aranasas Pass. Blair calls from St. Louis. How fun to chat with her. She shares sad news about the trees being harvested on the way out to Angler's Isle in Minnesota. She doesn't even know when she'll be able to go up to the resort as the road is impassible. On the bright side, she is making a deal on a new Explorer. I'm happy for her that she's found one. I know she has been looking for a while.

Bob starts a flamingo puzzle. We have leftovers for dinner. It's 7:30 p.m. and 46 degrees with 45% humidity. More RVs are pouring in tonight. Bob reads in the paper that this coming week is Spring Break for ElHi here in Louisiana. Just when we thought it was safe!

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