Saturday, March 20, 2010

Railroad Seafood Station and One Last Movie Night

Dry out the awning before we hit the road
Friday, March 12, slept like a rock and got up at 7:00. Started the day by working yesterday's crossword puzzle. The sun is streaming in our back picture window. I love the view here at Southern Oaks-makes me glad for our rear living area. It is chilly with a low of 41 degrees this morning. After a light breakfast I walk at 9:30 with Nan. We both just knew to go back to our normal time even though we never said it last night. Those guys are going to Wal-Mart and HEB. We agree to meet between 12:30 and 1:00 for lunch.

Sadly, I go home to pack up the decor. I can't believe we're moving tomorrow. I told Nan to try to never be the last ones to leave after you've been camped next to good friends. Bob is working on the digital picture frame. I call Shiloh RV Park on Hwy 59 southwest of Houston's outer loop and get a site for tomorrow night. Then I clean up and we head out to lunch around 12:30. Today I put my new contact in for the first time (that's one of the main reasons we got our mail.) It seems to fit great and I end up wearing it for twelve hours today with no problem. We give Nan and Tom our latest Escapee's magazine that came in the mail.

Love the live oak trees here at Southern Oaks

What a gorgeous day. The temperature says 74but a chilly north wind has blown in and has blown the humidity out of here. We have a sunny drive over the Corpus bridge affording a great seaside view. At Railroad Seafood Station Tom, Nan and Bob split a half order of their onion rings; even a half order is a mound of them. I have seafood chowder that is tasty. Nan and I go for the grilled black drum. Tom has Snapper Pontchartrain. Bob has red snapper fish tacos. It was all great as usual.

We get fuel and a paper in Aransas Pass on the way home. We agree to walk at 5:00 and have happy hour afterwards. Back home I check my email and am relieved to hear from our friend Glenda in Elgin that her son Dan is out of surgery this morning and doing well. I also have a Facebook message from my friend Patti in Austin. Her and her daughter Jessica will be in Aransas Pass Monday through Wednesday of next week for Spring Break. What a bummer we're leaving tomorrow.

Bob and I read the paper, put away the lawn chairs and bring in the bikes. Bob airs up the tires and checks the oil. I guess we're really leaving. Dan next door has been all packed up and hitched up since last night. He leaves early tomorrow morning, hoping to be in San Antonio by the time we pull out. Bob saw Steve and Debbie who came by to take Dan out to dinner one last time. Around 3:00 I feel a migraine coming on and take a magic pill which chases it away by early evening.

At 5:00 Nan, Bob, Roxy and I walk. We see Ann and Jerry and get to tell them goodbye. I give them an old Union Oil postcard of a falls near Seattle. They are out talking to Beverly and her husband from Michigan whose kids live in San Antonio. They are thinking about purchasing lot #44 here, two site over from Ann and Jerry. Bob takes Roxy home after the first round and Nan and I go around once more.

Roxy is sad when she sees Terri and Jerry's empty site!

I go home to get nachos, chips, strawberries and yogurt pretzels and we head over to Nan and Tom's for happy hour. Nan has a great HEB Pina Colada Cheeseball. We Google for the recipe but can't find it. Tom got his new phone today and is charging it up. He hasn't recovered his contact list yet.

It's movie night again. This time we watch Julie and Julia. What a great movie. I've been wanting to see it. "Almost a chick flick" according to Bob. We get to chatting after that and don't realize it's 11:15. Yikes! We head home and hit the sack. Big moving day tomorrow. Hope we didn't keep those guys up too late. It is a chilly evening with bright stars on our last night on the Texas Coast.

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