Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sculpture Garden and Market Days in Rockport

Dolphins "Off Port Bow" by Sandy Scott at Rockport Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden

Saturday, February 27, it is sunny and chilly, 45 degrees, at 7:00 a.m. Of course it is windy, coming out of the north. I check email and upload pictures of Ethan until 9:00 (thanks for the pictures 'grandma', or I should say 'Lilla', Linda's grandma name!)

Nan, Roxy and I walk at 9:30. She calls as Bob and I are having breakfast a bit later to say they're going to the Fulton Mansion today. We really enjoyed that a few years back; I sure hope they do too. I go into cleaning mode, especially the bathroom and then I vacuum the whole place. I found a piece of my bike mirror that broke off last night and was hiding in the bike cover when I shook it out this morning. So Bob glued is back on and dug out his black zip strips to repair it. Voila! Good as new.

Six-foot Whooping Crane Sculpture-"Rites of Spring" by Ken Ullberg

I try to call Linda early but get her voice mail. Around 11:00 I try to call Megan. She calls back while I'm on the phone with my Mom and Dad, two very excited Great Grandparents. My folks have one picture printed from a cell phone the day Ethan was born. Dad wanted Mom to call Megan and Casey Wednesday after they all came home from the hospital but it never happened. Dad is making chicken soup. Neither one could tell me their favorite Olympic event. Mom was trying to describe some kind of skiing competition but I don't know which one she meant. Dad commented on four-man bobsledding. Mom chuckled at the comic strip she remembered from this week "Why are all of your sleds named Bob?"

"Birds of St. Francis" by Charles Umlauf

When I hang up I leave another voice message for Megan. Bob and I watch Olympic Cross Country Skiing 30K and team speed skating. Around 3:15 we leave to get a paper. A little red dachshund is in the back of a pickup truck visiting our streetside neighbor from SD. Bob looks around as we head north on Business 35 and says "That was The Smart." Nan and Tom were heading the opposite direction. We try three places for a paper and finally settle for Corpus Caller-Times. As we drove by the waterfront we spotted a Market Days with 30 or 40 vendors under tents. So we hop out to walk around.

"Return of Ancient Wisdom" by Leo E. Osborne

The wind changes and comes from the south across the Gulf and is really chilly. Most of the vendors have imports and junk so we don't browse long. We drive around to Rockport Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden Bob investigates hours while I find a restroom and then we stroll the garden and I snap some pictures. Bob says the Art Center just closed at 4:00.

Gulls alight on "Lighthouse Fountain" by Jesus Bautista Moroles

On our way back to the RV Park Linda calls. I'm glad I heard the phone in my purse. It was fun to chat and hear all the news about her first grandchild! Afterwards I'm reading the paper and hear a dog bark. I look out the window and see the little dachshund and a bigger dog are still in the back of the visiting pickup next door. They are barking at Nan and Roxy who are heading out for a walk. I put on a coat and join them. Tom joins us on the second round and comes in to get a piece of the paper from us. Nan takes Roxy home and joins us for a bit. I show her our Iron Out bottle as she was asking about rust stains. (Thanks Blair in Minnesota for turning us on to that!)

View of Aransas Bay marina from Sculpture Garden

They leave around 7:00 with a pink sunset and full moon to guide them home. I work the crossword and watch the Olympics. We clean some leftovers out of the fridge. It's 8:30 p.m. and 52 degrees with 63% humidity. There is an 8.8 earthquake in Chili and a tsunami predicted for Hawaii. Japan has a 6.5 earthquake. Wow!

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