Monday, March 22, 2010

Camellia's Cafe and Cycle 16 Miles Tammany Trace Trail

Friday, March 19, I slept the sleep of the dead after all of our cycling and got up at 7:15. The low was 48 degrees last night and we get to a high of 70 today. It is sunny and perfect. I take a walk and stop by the office this morning and chat with Cathy about the free shuttle to the French Quarters. She drives it every day, leaving at 8:30 and returning at 4:30 unless we're the only ones then she'll adjust the time to suit us. She does a short tour 'orientation.' She says she always recommends The Gumbo Shop. How fun! Bob and I went there years ago and loved it. We were hoping it survived the hurricane. She says we can take a streetcar to Jackson and then only have to walk six blocks to Magazine St. Then we chatted about Slidell restaurants. She likes Southside Cafe (where we ate yesterday) and Camellia's Cafe and Jocko's.

I go home to stretch, check email, reconcile bank statements and browse Facebook. Nan sent an email about finding three ladies who took her off for a shopping trip from San Antonio to Fredericksburg, Boerne and Luckenbach. Tomorrow they are off to Ft. Stockton, TX. Bob and I leave for lunch around 12:30 all ready for cycling. The bikes are still on the rack on the back of the truck so it is easy to pack up today. Per Cathy's recommendation we try Camellia's Cafe on Grause. What a great place.

Bob tries a heavenly Shrimp and Squash casserole that is nothing like I've ever had. Think of the best dressing and bread crumb casserole you've ever had and add fresh shrimp. He also has a creamy Corn, Shrimp and Crab Bisque. I have a grilled shrimp Caesar wrap that is without a doubt the best wrap I've ever had. And I try the Crawfish Etouffee Soup. You don't usually see Etouffee in a soup. It was good but not as heavenly as Bob's bisque. They served my side of sweet potato fries with powdered sugar-what a treat. I'm in heaven.

We fight heavy traffic to get out of the parking lot and have an impatient honker behind us. Not too far west we park at the same Slidell trailhead as yesterday. Today we go east 1/4 mile and discover the trail is not finished in that direction like the Internet claims it is. They are missing a bet as that would carry all of the cyclers, joggers, skateborders, etc. right into downtown Slidell at Heritage Park near the depot. The depot has been renovated and has a beignet coffee shop.

Anyway, we turn around and go west for eight miles. My wheels are spinning freely today and I have a lot more fun. We go 16.1 miles in two hours and make way better time. I forgot my watch today and Bob has our only odometer so I was clueless about our trek today and just rambled along. Maybe that is better! I walk to the gas station next door and get a paper out of the vending machine. We head home where I stretch, read the paper, work the puzzles and crash. It's 5:35 p.m. and 66 degrees with 37% humidity. The weather doesn't get much better than this.

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