Saturday, March 27, 2010

Antiquing Picayune, MS and Speckled-T's Seafood

Saturday, March 27, I slept like a baby after cycling 35 miles yesterday. The ice on my knee after our ride last night worked. I have no pain jthis morning. The low is 54 degrees. The day is sunny and makes it up to 68. I read for a while, walk, stretch and have a light breakfast. It turns out Babs and Shirley's RVs were gone as we left to cycle yesterday.

Around 11:30 we head out to Picayune. But before we leave we discover the bikes are still on the rack on the back of Big Bertha. It seemed like a good idea last night when our knees were hurting just to cover them up. We hang them on the back of the RV and we're off up I-59 for 30 miles.

Our first stop is on Hwy 11 at an antique mall with 40 dealers. It is a great place with fun stuff to look at. Bob buys a used book and and I find a postcard and a dish towel from India. A flight attendant brought it back. The guy who checks out my purchases says she saw the bombing of the hotel that Delta Airlines uses as she watched TV here in the States on her day off. Some of her co-workers were there when it happened.

We go downtown on Canal Street and browse several shops. I find some Paris notecards and a t-shirt. A cute cafe Bob had scoped out on the Internet was closed on Saturday if you can imagine that. When we antique on Monday they are all closed on Monday. We stop at Don's Seafood on Hwy 11 "Best seafood in town." But it is order-at-the counter and all fried so we leave.

Love this shark over the A/C vent

Back to Slidell where we find Speckled-T's Seafood Specialties on Military Rd. When we pay they are using an old credit card sliding thingie and it prints Camellia's Cafe on our receipt! Interesting. Anyway, the food is great just like Camellia's. They even have Shrimp and Squash Casserole, which Bob gets along with a boiled shrimp salad with remolaude dressing. I can't resist a huge bowl of Oyster and Artichoke Chowder that turns out to be heavenly. I add the Fried Green Tomato with Crawfish Etoufee appetizer. We pick up a flier for Easter Brunch and head home to read the paper.

We get a burst of energy and make Stuffed Cabbage Soup this evening. It's 7:15 p.m. and 65 degrees with 64% humidity.

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