Monday, March 15, 2010

Hair, Apple Dumpling, Shop Rockport and Social Hour

Spring has sprung with the arrival of Glenda's quilted wall-hanging!

Friday, March 5, I slept like a rock for eight hours after only getting three and a half hours sleep last night. After a light breakfast, Nan, Roxy and I walk at 9:30. We go by the office to get my package from Glenda afterwards. My Spring quilted wall-hanging is here. It is so cute and colorful. Check out the cute button flowers in the wheelbarrow. I love it! I hung it up right away. Manny, Moe and Jack Frost are stored until next Winter. I called Glenda to say thanks and let her know I received it--that was fast. It was fun to chat with her.

I have a voice message from Julie when I get back from our walk. I will call her after lunch. She wants to get together next Wednesday. Bob is off getting a haircut at a new place in Aransas Pass--Don's Barber Shop (Don turns out to be a hefty gal--Donella I guess!) He comes home with a San Antonio newspaper but we don't read it. We leave right away and browse an antique store in Aransas Pass that we saw. The lady has a new Mac with a huge screen and no tower that she is getting used to.

We stop at our bank across the street for cash and quarters. Then we go on to Rockport and park in the center on a side street. We walk to Apple Dumplin'. Every table is full at 11:00 so we browse a few stores on the main drag and walk back to try lunch again. Every table is full at 12:30 so we browse Junk Museum on Magnolia. We finally walk back and get a table. We both have tomato basil soup and half a sandwich; tuna salad for Bob and a Reuben for me.

We stop in the antique mall and find a book but the lady behind the counter is gabbing with a couple in front of us about being the owner of Paradise Key with her husband. She goes on and on about it being the number 5 restaurant out of 4000 in the region--right! Then she launched into a ten minutes discussion of Ahi Tuna being their specialty (too bad Tom's waitress screwed up his order or he could have tried it when we were there.)Bob and I left the book and got out of there. She wouldn't even make eye contact with us.

Back home we read the paper. I'm cutting up veges when Nan knocks. Steve and Debbie were just at Dan's next door. They are going to Corpus to get Windows 7 for his computer. they want to know if we want to go to Oysterfest tonight. We say we'll pass as Tom had a shot for his knee today and wants to save himself for the parade tomorrow. Nan, Roxy and I take a walk but only go around one time. I go in The Grand to see how Tom's knee is doing. New York Jerry knocks and invites us to Social Hour tomorrow at the clubhouse here at Southern Oaks. Tom calls Steve to say we'll try to meet up with them tomorrow at Oysterfest.

I go home to make Tropical Coconut Cheeseball. I split it in two; one for tonight and one for tomorrow. Nan and Tom come over to The Titanic at 6:00 for 'Social Hour' (I guess that's the new lingo here--apparently 'Happy Hour' is passe or perhaps politically incorrect.) At any rate, Social Hour turns into 'five'! They arrive with Smirnoff's, Spinach Dip, chips, crackers and queso. I add my cheeseball,veges, dip and Ritz PB Cookies. What a feast!

I try to look up the parade starting time tomorrow at the Oysterfest but the laptop won't boot up. So we drain the battery and restart it. Finally I get the site up. The parade is at 11:00. We all relax; we can keep drinking. I also Google for Bay View, a membership RV park Tom and Nan want to look into on 35 near 35 RV Park that Bud and Billie were in.

We laugh and tell stories until it's almost 11:00! So much for Tom taking it easy today. What a fun night. It's 11:29 p.m. and 68 degrees in the bedroom with no heater on. It was overcast and warm today with a 10 mph wind.

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