Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nan and Reet Do Rockport; Bob Does Stabilizers

Tom, Nan and Roxy check out Bob's new stabilizers

Thursday, March 4, I'm wide awake at 3:30 a.m. I had wild dreams and there was no way I was going back to sleep. So I got up to read. I was able to finish the book I'm reading about Apollo 11. It was exciting to read about this pioneering time in recent history. All is quiet streetside this morning after last night's revelry. Dan's security lights on still on. Bob goes out to assess the stabilizer situation. He will try to install the ones on the back and see how it goes today.

After a light breakfast I walk with Nan and Roxy at 9:30. The guy on the corner lot opposite of Terri and Jerry is here for the first time. He says they live in San Antonio. He has four dogs; a pug, an old put who is not outside, a poodle and a new young beagle he just rescued sort of. I go home to clean up and snack. Bob joins me and then around 11:00 Nan and I leave to shop all of the cute places in Rockport. Bob climbs under the RV and gets to work.

Nan is nice enough to stop at Walgreen's for me on the way. I get a paper while I'm there (it turns out to be yesterday's-what a bummer.) Some old gent out front has to ask us "Where'd you get that car? And what is it?" On to Rockport where we park on the north end by Comfort Home and work our way south and back up the other side of the street.

In an antique store Nan scores two bracelets and a ring. I passed on two bracelets that were close, but I'm looking for black and will not be side-tracked by other bling! Ha ha! I'll have to bring Bob back here to see the old fishing lures. The shops are fun and I have a fun shopping partner. We see cool metal sculptures in an art gallery. The guy used old car chrome and pieces to make fish, etc. I buy an orange necklace there (oops, bling) at a 70% off sale.

We break for coffee at Daily Grind but first I hop into The Strand next door to schedule a hair appointment with Bette for next Tuesday. Nan is already sipping coffee in the cute shop next door. I splurge and have a Soy Raspberry White Chocolate Latte. Thus fortified we do the Mall and a few more shops. Then we head home by 3:45 as the air coming off the Bay gets chilly.

Bob is just wrapping up an extension cord for his drill as we pull up. Nan and I go over to check his progress. He has done the front and the back Steadfast stabilizers! They look good. He pushes on The Titanic and it doesn't budge. So Nan wants to go over to The Grand and give it a shove. She doesn't put very hard so Bob gives it a few shakes. Poor Tom is inside wondering what's going on I'm sure. Nan rousts him out and we all go over to our site to admire Bob's handiwork; even Roxy comes along.

Steve and Debbie show up with Dan and a new laptop for him next door. We wave and tell Steve to turn off Dan's security lights that are still on. That reminds me that I never hear from Chet and Julie today. I was hoping they would come by.

We all go inside as it is chilly out after the sunny, gorgeous day we had. The high was 67 and the low was 53. Nan and I will walk at 6:30. Bob and I have leftovers. He is tired; his right elbow hurts from drilling 12 or so holes in the steel beams of our RV frame for the big bolts to hold the stabilizer bars on. It's 6:10 p.m. and 62 degrees with 57% humidity.

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