Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keckners Furnace Guy

Tuesday, March 2, it is a chilly 46 degrees at 7:00 a.m. We didn't leave the heater on so the living room is 52 degrees this morning as I work my crossword. I catch up on journal pages and check email. We have a light breakfast. I walk with Nan and Roxy at 9:30. A crew is working on the sold lot across from Terri and Jerry. Two older gents cruising by in a truck stop us and ask which lots are for sale. We point them to the office and the brochures. I have gloves and ear muffs on in Texas in March! What's that all about?

It looks like the trash has already been picked up and I didn't get mine out the door. But the guy driving the cart around says to put it out, he'll get it. How nice. Back home to put out the trash and wait for the furnace repair guy. The company called at 3:30 and said we're on the schedule between noon and 2:00. What a concept to keep the customer informed.

Lo and behold he shows up just after 11:00. His truck heads back to the permanent sites but a few minutes later he comes over to our row. Bob goes out and the guy tests the circuit board and declares it to be the problem. he gets our serial number and will order the part. He may be back out by Friday. We'll keep our fingers crossed. That would be way too easy!

We have an email from Bud. he flies to Virginia at 7:30 this morning. We wish him luck. Bob and I clean up and go to lunch at Pepitos. On the way out of the Park we see Tom outside airing up the tires on The Pup. I heard Nan called their Grand Junction RV "The Grand", and they always call their Smart Car "The Smart", so if they would call their BIG truck "The Pup", their entire rig would be the GPS--The Grand, The Pup and The Smart! Enough of that--we're off to lunch.

I try the Chicken Monterrey which actually rivals some of Morelia's chicken entrees in Elgin, TX. It has a great white sauce and the chicken is stuffed with ham and spinach. Bob has Tilapia Verde.

On to HEB in Aransas Pass. On our way out Bob spots on the side of a kayak hanging from the ceiling. Back home he Googles for it and finds that they rent kayaks for $40.00 for four hours or $55 all day including drop-off, pick-up, oars and life vests.

I make Aunt Dottie's Cheeseball. Nan knocks to see if we're walking. Bob and I both walk with her and Roxy. The crew is still working on the permanent lot across from Terri and Jerry. It is windy but not as cool as yesterday and not as strong of a wind. The high is 71 degrees. Nan invites us for a movie and popcorn tonight. How fun! It's 5:20 p.m. and 60 degrees with 26% humidity.

At 6:00 we take Aunt Dot's Cheeseball, Smirnoff's and Kiliian's to The Grand. Nan makes popcorn and we watch The Proposal (Sandra Bullock, Betty White and Ryan Reynolds-is that Burt Reynolds son? LOL) It was a fun 'chick flick'; just ask Bob. We got home about 8:30. It is warm--55 degrees. There is no wind and the stars are bright.

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