Monday, May 31, 2010

What Goes Around; Comes Around

Monday, May 17, about an hour after we came in from the fire last night, Bob got sick as a dog. He was pretty much sick all night. I moved to the couch to try to get some sleep and I could hear someone outside being sick too. That turns out to be Rick. Then about 7:00 I came down with it. I got up around 9:30 for another bout in the bathroom and have no idea what happened next. Bob saw me in the closet door mirror laying on the bathroom floor. My head was wedged at an odd angle on the hall door to the bathroom. He says he kept calling my name but I never heard him. I was very dizzy and disoriented when I came to. I was able to get myself up and fall into bed.

I tried to rally later and get up. I looked out of the window but didn't see those guys next door. That was around 10:45 I think and then I fell asleep again. I think I heard a knock on the door but was too weak to figure it out. So after resting on the side of the bed for a few minutes, I put some shoes and a coat on. Rick is sitting out trying to eat a banana after being sick most of the night. I guess what woke me up was Brandon from the campground delivering our fire ring on the forklift-just a little late.

Debbie and Rick asked me for Pepto tablets so I crawl back inside the RV and dig them out of the medicine cabinet. Debbie follows me to the RV door so I don't have to go out again. I'm so tired and weak. I go back to bed and we both sleep until almost 3:00! It is sprinkling on the skylights. Rick and Debbie are gone in their van. I hope they went to the RV Hall of Fame without us if they are both feeling better. It's 3:00 p.m. and 59 degrees with 56% humidity. The high was 64 and the low was 52.

I manage to keep some ginger ale (leftover from the Rock Star Rootbeer vodka drinks) and soda crackers down along with a fourth of a cup of tea. Bob sticks with a glass of water. A half an hour later we both go back to bed.

At 5:00 p.m. Rick and Debbie knock. How sweet of them to bring us Chicken Soup from Das Dutchman Essenhaus Amish Country Kitchen on US 20 in Middlebury. We saw it, was that just yesterday? on our Sunday drive but it was closed. They went back to eat and brought us a care package. I have one quarter of the broth and it tastes heavenly along with two more crackers. Debbie felt so bad about getting us sick she had an Amish postcard, some notecards with "Rita" on them and a back of M&M's for Bob in our care package. She is so nice. It made me smile.

From 8:00 to 9:00 we watch House on the TV in the bedroom. We both passed out before Castle came on at 10:00. I didn't wake up until 5:00 a.m. with an extreme headache. I got up and had a cup of English Breakfast Tea and two more saltines. Then I went back to bed until 9:30. I don't think I've ever slept that much in my life.

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