Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Hubcap Blowin' In the Wind

Great Aunt Rita gets to hold Ethan
Thursday, April 29, I'm up at 8:00 on a board. The wind started blowing in the wee hours of the morning and it gets worse all day. After breakfast I go out with my brushes and buckets to clean bugs off the front of the RV and wash the windows after our series of moves. I decide to scrub the RV wheels and discover a little round axle hubcap is missing. It must have popped off or broken on one of our last couple of moves (I'm voting for the wild road construction through Memphis.

Bob gets concerned as he check it out. There is also no cap over the axle. He researches Dexter Axle brochure and decides to take the other wheel off to see if we're missing anything on this side. Of course that means bringing the living room slide in and jacking up the front axle.

Callie, the bride-to-be, holds Ethan as Travis, the groom-to-be, and Dad Casey look on

A motorhome from Wisconsin on our streetside leaves while I'm washing the RV. Wow! In this wind that seems foolish. He returns in 15 minutes, drives through his old site, and goes down by the trash dumpster. It seems like he's looking for something he left behind. I get cleaned up, we have a light lunch, and then Bob tackles the wheel issues. We are missing our Nev-R-Lube grease cap AND the outer axle hub. Or maybe we never had the inner grease cap. We get on-line and he calls the RV and trailer places (Redneck Trailer in Sikeston and Truck Pro down there as well.) They may have one 42 mm hub. We'll go down and check it out. Bob is relieved it wasn't the axle sliding outward that pushed it out. He surmises it was never installed correctly from the factory.

Ethan, Joyce and Mom Megan

Relieved, he goes off to the pond and catches seven bass on his new lure from the antique place in Slidell. I go on-line for maps to Travis and Callie's place for tonight and Water's Edge for wedding events Friday and Saturday. I have a voice message from my brother Mike. He says Travis is running around like crazy and will not stop by today while he's picking up the beer-we'll see them tonight.

I make Stovetop Corn Casserole for dinner tonight at Travis and Callie's in Jackson. It's 3:38 p.m. and 79 degrees (the high so far today) with 26% humidity. There is a wind advisory and it is gusting to 35 mph through 7:00 p.m. I work on journal pages and pictures until it's time to go.

Aunt Betsy gets her turn with Ethan as Mother-of-the Bride looks on

We get to their place around 5:00 and are the first to arrive. Travis and Callie are putting the finishing touches on a planter on the deck. Everything looks so nice. Mike and Linda (Father and Mother of the Groom) arrive shortly. Ken and Cindy and Callie's Mom are right behind.

My niece Megan, her husband Casey and my new great nephew Ethan arrive from their drive from the airport in St. Louis with their friends Kathie, Cody and Kaylar from Dallas. Megan looks great. I had to cry when I saw little Ethan-my first great nephew. What a cutie and not so little. I got to hold him in spite of the competition from Aunt Betsy and Joyce. He smiled real big for me.

Casey and Megan, Ethan's new parents

Travis and Callie's newly remodeled kitchen (a wedding present from the groom's parents) looks great. Travis smokes a ham and chicken that are heavenly. We add Linda's Lake Potatoes, green beans, and my corn. It's all good and we sit out on the deck and enjoy a full moon around the chiminea fire. Mike asks the burning question about Elton and Bernie's creative music and lyrics process all those years. Uncle Bob comes up with Annie Lennox belonging to The Arythmics!

Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Rita

It was a fun evening and so great to see everyone. We're pumpkins at midnight. The wind calms some but it is still breezy. We have 68 degrees in the truck on the way home and it's 74 in the RV.

Casey teaches Michael how to make a duct tape wallet!

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