Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lunch at Saffron Bistro with Callie, Travis and Angie

Bob takes a picture of our hubcap so we can match it.

Monday, May 3, dawns sunny and warm with a high of 79. Early this morning I download the gift opening photos from yesterday, clear my Memory Sticks and backup the hard drive. After breakfast we re-clean the kitchen floor after the great beer explosion late last night. This morning we bring the kitchen slide-out in and find a few pieces of glass and a wet area.

At 11:45 we head one quarter mile down Kingshighway to Saffron Bistro. We ate at this place a few years back with Travis a couple of time when it was still at the old location. We love the unique Asian cuisine served here. We arrive first and get a table for four. Travis and Callie come and say Angie is joining us so we move to a round table next to us.

Callie has Saffron Bread, an appetizer, and lets us try some. It is a great French loaf-like bread with chicken salad stuffed between layers served with cucumber sauce. It is heaven. She has that and a salad and has to leave to get back to work at ten minutes to one before our entrees come. I'm glad she could join us for a bit. It was fun to chat about the weekend and the wedding. She takes her entree with her and tells me tomorrow that she got a break in the afternoon to eat it.

I have Green Curry Seafood (scallops, shrimp and calamari.) Bob has Red Curry Shrimp. It was all great. It was so nice of them all to meet us on their first day back to work after the big bash. Bob and I say farewell and get a St. Louis Post-Dispatch at Rhode's next door and head home.

I pack up four loads of laundry. While I'm at the laundry room bob puts the axle caps and wheel hubs back on the RV. While he's at it he gets the rust off the lug nuts. It's a gorgeous day; the best since we got to Cape. I try to sit outside the laundry room on a park bench and read but a wasp must live under the bench and won't leave me alone. So I go inside and sit on a folding chair in the hot laundry. I'm done by 3:30.

I spend until 6:30 organizing wedding pictures, sending some photos via email and posting some on Facebook. Then we watch House and Castle. In between Dometic calls for a survey regarding our A/C, thermostat and furnace in the RV. It was news to me that the A/C is Dometic. I thought only the microwave and refrigerator were Dometic.

Patti, Bob's cousin, calls. She saw my Facebook pictures of the wedding. It is nice to chat. They were just in Sedalia at a Missouri Blacksmith convention. We hit the sack after Jay Leno's Headlines.

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