Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner at The Waters Edge

The Waters Edge-a beautiful wedding venue!

Friday, April 30, I'm up at 5:15 a.m. I'm wide awake so I get up and read until 8:30. It is cloudy and warm. We have a light breakfast, stretch and I try on outfits and iron several choices for the rehearsal and the wedding depending on the weather.

Great Grampa Rood greets Ethan

Then we head south to Sikeston for a grease cap for our Nev-R-Lube axle. Redneck Trailer on Hwy 62 across from Lambert's "Home of the Throwed Rolls" has one for $9.95. The replacement cap is more cone shaped and shinier so it looks like the outer hubcap. That's good because we'll have to find a dealer to replace that.

Great Grandma Rood, Ethan and Megan

We eat at Ruby Tuesday's at 62 and I-55 then go back north to exit 96 to Drury Lodge. The gal at the front desk says my Mom and Dad tried to check in but the room was not ready so they left. We suspect they went to lunch and later they confirm that. Bob and I return home. He goes fishing and catches 2 and 3 pound bass on this overcast, warm, muggy, windy day.

Lana, Maria, Rita and Nathaniel: My nephew Nathaniel poses with me and his wife and his Mom

We get dressed for the rehearsal dinner and take Hwy K west five miles to Hwy 25 south two miles to The Waters Edge in Gordonville, MO. What a great outdoor/indoor lake venue for a wedding! It suits my nephew Travis perfectly.

My Dad's always in his glory with a camera

I see my younger brother Jeff first thing and almost don't recognize him as he is a shadow of his former self. He says after the Super Bowl he kicked off a diet and exercise plan to a new Jeff! It sure is great to see him. Diedre and his two daughters, Mandy and Katie had to stay behind for a St. Dominic soccer game in St. Louis.

Callie is all ready to rehearse!

Linda, mother-of-the-groom, is putting out bluebonnet decor and busily getting ready for tonight's celebration. Nathaniel, my nephew who shares my birthday, and his wife Maria give me big hugs. His older brother Jason has returned to the States after a year working abroad and it's great to see him for the first time in 8 or 9 years we think. I am delighted to finally meet his new wife Mary. Nathaniel and Jason's Mom and Dad, Lana and my brother Greg are close behind. How great to see all of them.

Travis and Callie-all smiles for the happy couple!

Linda, mother-of-the-groom, and Joyce decorate for dinner

Ken's heavenly pork

Megan and Casey arrive with Ethan and create quite a stir. It is touching to see my parents have their first moments with their first great grandson, Ethan. They have two great grand daughters but this is the first boy. Mom holds him a long time and doesn't want to let go.

Jason presents Grandpa Rood with a flag and Marine Corps certificate

My younger brother Dane, his wife Lori, and two children Dustin and Callie arrive. They have gotten so tall. And my youngest brother Eric made the long drive from Raleigh, NC, by himself. His wife Tammy is holding down the fort at home.

Callie and her bridesmaids don their paper flowers and streamers for the rehearsal. They practice in the screened in pavilion as the weather is iffy for tomorrow. Ken, Callie's son Michael's paternal grandfather, made some excellent pork for tonight's dinner. Slaw, salad, rigatoni (we're not in Texas anymore), strawberry pie, blackberry pie, banana pudding (okay, Linda does live in Texas), and brownies round out the meal. I bring hot coffee from the kitchen to warm up Mom and Dad's cups.

My brother Jeff gets his turn to hold Ethan as brother Mike, father-of-the-groom, and Casey and Megan look on.

After the meal Jason presents a flag to my Dad that flew over Afghanistan. We all sit outside on this breezy night. It is fun to chat with everyone. A sign goes up on the main building's sliding glass door "Shhh! Babies asleep inside."

Around 11:45 after a half an hour of lightening and thunder the skies open up and it pours down. A herd runs in from the fire pit out by the lake. Rain pounds on the metal roof of the pavilion. We keep moving our chairs to the center as the wind blows inward. Bob and Michael find big umbrellas and usher everyone across the threshold where there is a break in the roof. The last shuttle arrives just before midnight to take people back to the Drury Lodge.

New Mom Megan and Callie's son Michael make sure Uncle Jeff know the baby is sleeping

During a slight lull Bob and I make a dash for it. There are huge puddles on the parking lot as we run for the truck. It is hard to see on the rural roads but it gets better as we near Cape. Our RV site (all of them really) is flooded. Our shoes and socks get soaked. The water is well over our shoetops and all around the front and side of the RV where we have to go in the door. It sure is great to be snug in bed. I hope everyone made it back to the hotel okay. There is a flash flood warning for the entire area and a tornado was sited in Arkansas. We'll hope for the best for Travis and Callie tomorrow concerning the weather.

Bob escorts Mike in from the rain with the big umbrella

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