Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brunch, Presents and Back to The Waters Edge

Travis, Callie and Michael poured the 'sand of their lives' together yesteday at the wedding ceremony

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa fuss over Ethan with Mom Megan in the background

Sunday, May 2, I was up at 7:15 in spite of yesterday's big doings. After a stretch, a light breakfast and a shower I take time to download some pictures to clear my camera. Then I backed up the hard drive just in case.

Great Aunt Carla gets her turn with Ethan before driving back to St. Louis

At 11:15 we head to Joyce and Mari Bess's for brunch which is already spread out on the table and looking scrumptious. Bob and I enjoyed getting to see their new deck. We were very impressed by the art deco railing!

Great Uncle Jeff gets a turn as Ethan's grandmother Lilla looks on wistfully!

Mom and Dad are already out there as well as Jeff, Nathaniel, maria, Casey, Megan and Ethan. I actually get a chance to hold Ethan one more time. Carla, Mark, Michelle, Kyle, Kary, Mike, Linda, Mac, Travis, Callie and Michael are also looking chipper this morning. Of course there is much jockeying over who gets to hold Ethan. Groups start leaving soon to head back home. Hate to see everyone leave.

Great Aunt Rita is not to be left out as Ethan soon heads back to Texas.

I visit with Lonnie, Joyce's brother, and his wife. They have a 36-foot motor home and would like to travel. She will retire in January but he's more keen on a full-time thing than she is I think.

Lilla gets her chance when Ethan gets fussy with Great Aunt Rita. Grandma to the rescue!

Next on the agenda, Travis and Callie open presents. They sure get lots of nice things. I take pictures but have to use Mike's camera as my little memory card is full. I didn't clear my big card this morning because I want to transfer it all to Mike's laptop. We give that a try but Mike's port won't read my universal 2.0 USB card reader (not really very universal I'm thinking!) Bob suggests that Mike's laptop has a Memory Stick slot and it does! We download both of my Memory Sticks onto his laptop. It is fun to see the pictures roll by on his screen. Great memories.

Megan and Uncle Bob say "See ya in Texas"

We all chat on the deck for a bit. Then Bob and I go out to The Waters Edge to help with the final clean-up. Travis gives me a six-pack of Fat Tires out of his cooler (well, there were two Busch lites) and it turns out to be a bad decision to take them. More on that later.

Grandma Rood gives Great Grandma Rood one last moment with Ethan before he goes back to Texas.

Out at The Waters Edge we toss the remaining trash and load equipment in the truck. Linda and I swing under the pavilion afterwards while Bob, Travis and Lonnie fish the lakes. Callie goes across the lake to talk to the owner, Fred. He says he enjoyed the music last night and watching the event from across the water.

Goodbyes to my Mom and Dad as they get in the car for the drive back to St. Louis

We all say reluctant goodbyes as Mike and Linda leave in the morning. Bob and I get home around 7:30. As I put the six-pack of beer on the kitchen counter the bottom falls out. Three Fat Tires and two Busch lites hit the floor. The Fat Tires have heavier duty bottles and are okay. But one of the lites breaks and the other one explodes as it hits on top of another bottle. We spend an hour mopping, vacuuming glass and cleaning up. It smells like stale beer in the RV. Shards go everywhere and some beer seeped under the kitchen slide. Yuck.

Travis and Callie open gifts

Thank the Lord and Betsy for the bag of pork. We make sandwiches and crash in our Euro chairs. We watch Foyle's War on PBS. It's 9:50 p.m. and 68 degrees with 65% humidity. The high was 74 and the low was 62.

Callie opens picture of Travis from my brother Eric

Travis opens picture of Callie from my brother Eric

Michael watches Travis fish after the big clean up at the end of the day at The Waters Edge

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