Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain and Thunderstorms

Saturday, April 24, it rained all night and all morning. Lightening and thunder got me up just before 7:00. Fortunately there was no hail or high winds. There has been a tornado watch for the last 12 hours in Forrest County and most of the surrounding counties. A flash flood warning too. In retrospect that seemed like a long time for a tornado warning to be in effect. More on that later.

We watch the rain and work a jigsaw puzzle that Bob started last night. We have breakfast "on the veranda" due to the puzzle on the kitchen table and use our new low-profile juice glasses. I'm a lot less nervous about knocking them over on the carpet. Afterwards I clean the rest of the brass shower hose and it looks great. I'm hoping once a year is enough for that.

I washed the bike stuff, including helmets. Bob's needs Velcroe inserts glued or sewed. We leave for lunch around noon and go to Chili's on 98. First we had to take the bikes and rack off. We took it all off in one piece and put it down under. Our neighbor lady is out smoking in the small Bay Star Class A. She is sitting on her picnic table under an umbrella with the trees dripping water. She asks if we can get Internet here. She says she got it yesterday. I told her it was iffy here but we haven't tried it today.

Chili's here is no better than Olive Garden. What's up with that? Bob's favorite Quesadilla Explosion Salad was small and awful. My new Asian Salad was good but the waiter couldn't find a coffee cup "that looked fit to give you" so I got my coffee in a Styrofoam cup. There's just enough Delbert in me to not be happy about that.

We stop for a paper on our way home and at a horrible fruit stand next to the RV Park that we kept seeing as we passed by. I buy two apples and two bananas to get us through our move. Bob walks out disgusted. I had a heart-pouncing moment when my checkbook/wallet/credit cards/drivers license thingy is not in the compartment it's supposed to be in inside my purse. I tell myself I just failed to get it out of my bike panniers yesterday. When we get home I dive on my bike pack and there it is! I'm way too old for that.

My coat hook falls off the wall as it is too humid in here. It's 7:45 p.m. and 78 degrees with 72% humidity. The high was 82 and the low was 63. The rain stopped for a bit but it is still training through the area.

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