Monday, May 31, 2010

We're Back!

Tuesday,May 18, at 9:30 I hear Bob outside. He must be dumping our holding tanks. We have been here a week. He comes in and says Debbie and Rick were glad to know he's alive. I guess it's true they only saw me yesterday and I was not very forthcoming about what Bob's status was. They go off to breakfast.

I get up and we rally and have a piece of toast. Our first real food since Bob Evans Sunday evening. We both have hot tea. My headache finally subsides but my neck, back and shoulders feel bruised. I'm washing up dishes when Debbie calls. They're tooling around and wanted to see how we're doing. They have been so nice. I tell her we had toast and are feeling invincible. Have fun we say; we're staying in the rest of the afternoon.

I really rally after breakfast and Lysol out the bathroom. Then I had one of the best showers of my life. We have half of the chicken soup those guys brought us and some crackers. We read, rest, and watch a recorded Good Wife episode. It's 2:16 p.m. and 54 degrees with 81% humidity. It sprinkled rain all day.

At 2:45 we get a recorded message from Carnival Cruise Line saying our names were drawn in a contest "we entered." A cruise is departing Galveston on Carnival Ecstasy. I hang up. Debbie and Rick return at 3:00. We go out and sit in the cabana with them to get out of the chilly wind. They went to the RV Hall of Fame. Rick goes in for a nap and Debbie comes over to our RV to visit and stay warm. We snack on trail mix and pretzels and Rice Crispy Treats and have a nice chat on this cloudy day. I send her home at 7:00 with baked beans and Waldorf Jello as no one is eating anything over here.

Bob and I do have egg sandwiches for a total intake of 705 calories today. We go out and sit by Debbie's nice fire. Don comes down to chat and then Riva even comes by to give me a business card for her hair salon. She fusses when Don goes back inside their Hi-Lo that "He's supposed to be 'watching' me as I take a walk around the campground." She's still using her cane from her hip replacement surgery. We say farewell to her. Rick joins us around the fire until we all go in at 10:30.

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