Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Axle Issue

Monday, May 10, I slept like a rock after our cycling. I have sore knees in the morning. It is cloudy with a threat of rain all day but it only ends up sprinkling. After breakfast I go into a cleaning frenzy. I even put on my Mozart like I used to do when I cleaned the brick-and-stick. Bob checks our tires for our move tomorrow and finds the axle hub on the same axle, opposite side, is loose. He finds the grease cap on that side loose (once again, most likely never driven on from the factory.) We have a moment when we start to worry but he gets it all put back together. That rough ride through Memphis road construction may have caused them both to finally work loose if they were never tightened at the factory. We'll see what happens. It is way scary though I have to tell you.

We bring in the bikes, clean up and go to lunch at Old Home Place in Goreville. The place is almost empty today. I have Blackened Tilapia and Bob tries something called Catfish Fiddlers that turns out to be three whole catfish. I guess they call them fiddlers because you have to fiddle with them to get it all off the bone.

We stop at King Tut's on 37 north for diesel and a paper. We go home to read it. I spend three hours answering correspondence in my 'in box'--yes, I still have one of those. I'm way behind but since we don't have the Internet it has floated to the top of my list all of a sudden. We watch House and Castle. Another rain event is predicted for tomorrow. We'll see if we get to move on down the road.

We're heading to just west of Indianapolis so I got out my paper journals from last year. We stayed at Cloverdale RV on 281 and I-70. My notes weren't too positive about it. We had bad electricity (the guy's next to us wouldn't work at all.) And we had no PC connection in spite of their ad bragging about wi-fi. And finally it was very muddy. Great. Makes no sense why we're planning to go back there except it's right off the highway at about the distance we want to travel in one day. It's 10:31 p.m. The high was only 58 degrees.

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