Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Drive Throuigh Amish Country

Their pop-up is just one site down the hill from The Titanic. We are using one of the firepits across the road.

Sunday, May 16, I'm up at 7:00. I can see Rick outside. They both soon head to the shower house. Rick says the shower heads are too low and the water has a 'push-on' button. When they come back they make hot tea for Debbie after I hunt up some tea bags for them. She has Arnold bread toast, Rick has Pop-Tarts and Bob and I have Rice Crispy Treats-the breakfasts of champions. It is not as cold out this morning.

We all walk up a few sites to say hi to Don. He has a nice fire going and we gather round. Don digs out his cute wooden napkin and salt and pepper holders for each of us. Reva gets ready inside and joins us with her fabric 'curtain.' Debbie and I pick out our favorites; I like the small birdhouse print and Debbie chooses the fireworks. Rick has the excellent idea to get Don to sign his handiwork so now we have a one-of-a-kind memento of our visit here. We all chat until 1:30! Bob and I are still in our 'lounge wear.' What a fun morning.

Don and Riva's cute Salt and Pepper holder with 'mosquito house' looks great on our kitchen counter.

Found a spot for the matching Napkin Holder too!

We head home to get dressed and have a leftover snack as we're starving. Those Rice Crispy Treats didn't stay with us. I clean up the kitchen, stretch and clean myself up. Then I join Rick, Debbie and Bob outside. We all go for a ride in their van. We go west on 120 to Elkhart, then north on Main to 19 and follow it around south to 20. We go east to Middlebury and on through to Shipshewana. Every Amish Restaurant and all of the other restaurants in the area are closed on Sunday.

RVTV motorcoach has seven steps up to the interior!

In desperation we go north across the 80 Toll Road into Michigan to the town of White Pigeon. Rick still has standards and draws the line at Pigeon Inn Cafe, the only thing open in town. So we go back to Bristol where we find the River Inn closed at 3:00 (it is now 4:30.) So we go to Goshen and eat at good ole Bob Evans.

Turkey Spinach Omelet for me. Chicken Salad and Fruit Plate for Bob. Rick has a salad and Debbie gets her chicken dumplin' bowl of comfort food that she was craving after being sick. We roll out with go boxes and are home by 6:00. As we drive home Little Rick, their son, sends a cell phone picture of his dinner back in Ohio; chicken, butter, garlic, almonds, cheese and Captain Morgan's! Back home we take a short break as Bob Googles the RV Hall of Fame and checks the weather for tomorrow.

It's 6:26 p.m. and 63 degrees. with 32% humidity. We had more sunshine than they predicted but it is cool with a high of only 64 and a low of 47 degrees. Bob and I take a walk at sunset and chat with Don. Our neighbor Jim next to Don left. He took a new site on the far side of the campground. We tell Don we saw their truck at Fazoli's on 19 in Elkhart. It wasn't hard to spot with his new golf cart he bought on the way up here still in the back. He said they went to Yup's, the local popular ice cream shack that we saw in Middlebury with a crowd out front. He says they have great $3.00 cheeseburgers too but he likes the Black Cherry hand-dipped ice cream.

We continue on our walk. I take a picture of the RVTV motorhome on the other side of the campground. That thing is huge and has seven steps to get up inside of it. Back at our firepit across the road, Bob and I start a fire and that rousts Debbie and Rick. They are amazed that we're acting like campers! Bob has a nice 'flame' according to Debbie. Tonight Rick hits the sack early saying he doesn't feel too well and we wonder if he's sick too. Debbie stays up around the fire with us tonight until about 11:00. It seems we can't get both of them well. Little did we know....

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joe said...

Hi, I have been trying to find a pattern to the napkin holder that is pictured in your blog. I have the wood frame, but not the cloth sides. If not, maybe you could direct me to another site?

Thank you very much!
Carmela Webb