Sunday, May 23, 2010

Housecleaning and Berry's Seafood

Nitro plays fetch!
Monday, April 26, dawns sunny and lovely with a high of 76 and a low of 60. After breakfast Bob glues Velcro pads back inside of his bike helmet. I vacuum and clean the bathroom. My brass fixtures are shining brightly.

Around 1:00 we go to Florence to find lunch. It is a way smaller town than we thought. So we head north on 49. It is difficult but we turn around to go to a Seafood Grill that turns out to be out of business or not open for business yet. After another bat turn we go to Berry's Seafood, a buffet but a good one. This is our second restaurant in two days with 20-plus mounted deer heads on the wall.

They have lots of great veges and grilled choices (catfish and boiled shrimp.) Lima beans and spinach are heavenly. The tuna salad is just like my Mom's (yesterday's Cole slaw was just like hers--maybe she's really from Mississippi!) I was just feeling good and I spotted an ice cream freezer. The local dairy must supply five-gallon tubs. They had six flavors. The fresh, in-season strawberry was heaven. Too late, now we see the dessert table. Orange cake, carrot cake and coconut cake. I try 1/4 piece of all three. There are ten other pies and puddings. I had to close my eyes and pass on by.

We fill the truck with fuel for tomorrow's move north. First we get groceries, mostly fruit, at Ramey's in downtown Florence. Find a paper and head home to cut up raw veges. Bob goes to the lake to fish. I'm having an at-home pedicure. It's 4:06 p.m. and 76 degrees with 31% humidity. The young gal across the road gets a big kickball out and plays fetch with her two Yorkies-Nitro and Lucy! This is a hoot and keeps us in stitches. The ball is way bigger than the dogs and they go on for about an hour. Nitro is a wild man. Lucy stays clear of him and the owner eventually tosses a tennis ball for her. I never saw anything so funny.

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