Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving' On to Cloverdale, IN

Tuesday, May 11, it never did rain last night. I was up at 5:45. The wind is blowing 15 to 20 mph, gusting to 35. It calms down as the morning wears on. It is cloudy but clears by 1 or 2 o'clock. It starts out warm at 62 degrees and gets to a high of 78.

We pack up and leave with no problem by 10:38 heading north on I-57. There is a rest area in the first 35 miles and we stop to check the axles. All is okay. We continue north to I-70 east and stop at the Visitor Center inside the Indiana border. They have no brochures on Elkhart. We stopped here a year ago with The Beauty and The Beast on the way up to get our new RV in Ohio. The trailer brake was sticking on The Beauty and Bob checked it out here in the parking lot of the rest area. That sure seems like someone else's lifetime ago.

The wind is behind us all day and we have no problems. The sun is even out as we stop at exit #7 in Terre Haute where we get brave enough to pull into a Bob Evans at the first light north of I-70. We park in the back and our waiter must have been out back having a smoke break. He came inside to wait on our table and told us he really liked our RV and wished he had one.

I have the chicken, cranberry, blue cheese salad with vege soup and banana bread. Bob has the chicken pot pie and blueberry bread. We both have go boxes and I love the fact that our banana and blueberry bread will become breakfast tomorrow morning. We get a Chicago Tribune out front-a bird in the hand.....

We are only 30 minutes from Cloverdale and it really is the same RV Park we stayed in as we left Ohio last fall and headed west to St. Louis. It rained then too and we had to stay two days. The place was a mud hole last year. The gal in the office is friendlier when she finds out we returned for another stay. We pay $26.00 for a night at .Cloverdale RV Park, 2789E County Rd. 800 South, Cloverdale, IN 46120, Putnam County, (765) 795-3294, Site #45 this time. We don't unhitch as we plan to leave in the morning. I think this is the first time with The Titanic that we stay hitched up. It was also our first restaurant stop on the road with The Titanic. We must be getting braver with it.

We set up quickly. Bob notices the front Steadyfast footpad got bent at the last site in Goreville. Inside he scans TV channels and I get on-line! Civilization! The guy who led us to the site asks if we are part of a group of five RV's coming tonight. We say "No, it's just us." They pull in right after us in the sites curbside.

We are in the Eastern Time Zone so we arrive at 5:06 p.m. We check the campground we're heading to in Elkhart and the route while I'm on-line. I take a walk and ask the campground owners what channel is CBS; 8 and 10-one Indianapolis and one out of Terre Haute. We get neither! So much for civilization and so much for NCIS's and Good Wife.

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