Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sunrise on Second and Car Wash

Tuesday, March 30, I slept in until 10:06! Bob says "Good afternoon" when I finally come down the steps. It must have been the long-distance cycling. I barely have my coffee and it's time for lunch. We opt for our usual breakfast. I skip my stretch, very rare for me. I manage to rally and wash out the bike pants. Bob adjusts our seats, check the air pressure and moves the bikes to the garage. I work on journal pages and pictures. Bob has already worked on digital picture frame photos and surged for New Orleans restaurants in the French Quarters. We hope to take the free shuttle here at the RV Park down there tomorrow.

At 1:30 we go to Sunrise on Second in downtown Slidell. We both get salads. Mine has grilled shrimp, feta that is to-die-for, walnuts as big as golf balls, grapes and green apples on field greens with Asian Balsamic Vinegariette. Bob's has grilled chicken, black beans, tortilla strips, cheese and chipotle ranch.

Afterwards we scope out a Walgreen's for my contact solution and a newspaper. We stop at Shell for fuel and discover their car wash is temporarily closed. Bummer, that was the whole reason we got fuel here. So we go to the Exxon across the street. We have been parking underneath sappy trees and the green pollen from all of the trees is everywhere.

Back home to read the paper and work puzzles. I blow off getting the pollen off the RV. I don't think those trees are done shedding yet. Besides, I have a slight migraine. I take my magic pill and it's gone before long. It's 5:20 p.m. and 71 degrees with 22% humidity. The high was 71 after a low of 49.

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