Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain and The Roadhouse

Saturday, April 3, all of my cycling is not paying off on the scale. Back to the drawing board. We put our bikes in the garage before breakfast as it looks like rain. On my walk I see that the guy with a diesel pusher in the back has layed out four pallets of sod he had delivered yesterday. Very weird for this semi-junky RV Park.

After breakfast I work on journal pages and pictures. Around 12:30 we go to Texas Roadhouse. I love their salmon. They are busy on Easter Saturday as the rain falls. Afterwards we stop at Blockbuster on Hwy 11 and Gause in the rain of course to see if we could rent Sherlock Holmes but they are out of it. So we choose two other movies. They have to update our account as we haven't rented anything in a while. There is a long line and an older local lady butts in and annoys the gal in front of us.

Back home I check out Blogger's new template designs. I'll stick with mine as I can barely keep up with my daily entries, not to mention getting all fancy. Maybe later. I actually finished 2007 on my new Good Sam Website. You can check it out at Reet and Bob Rving.

I make room in the fridge so we can make 4-bean Turkey Soup that Bob surfed the Net for.
I wanted to go to the free iris show (over 2000 in bloom) at Longue Vue in New Orleans today but the rain fouled that plan u8p. Also, the times for the tours in the paper don't agree with the times on their website. Oh well. It's 4:35 p.m. and 66 degrees with 81% humidity. The high is the current temp after a low of 66.

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