Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Hair Day at joli' coupe' Salon

Tuesday, April 13, I'm up at 7:30. Before I change my mind I open the mail, pay and mail the RV and truck registration, fill our an insurance questionnaire for our RV insurance, file stuff and deal with the rest. After breakfast I take down the Easter decor and put up new stuff. Then I clean the bathroom and vacuum the whole place. I guess that cycling gave me a burst of energy.

I get ready for my hair appointment at 1:00 and leave here at 12:30. I stop in the drug store for a newspaper and sundries. Then I arrive promptly at jole' coupe' Salon, 2132 E. Gause, (985) 781-8969, where Angel greets me and listens attentively to what I request. She is very knowledgeable and makes some suggestions to add hi-lights to my low-lights and some texture to my cut. She has lived here her whole life; her parents still live in the same house. Angel and her husband lost their condo on Lake Pontchartrain in Katrina. They have a new home now. This shop used to be on the north shore of the Lake but was ruined in Katrina also and moved here to Gause.

She loves to travel and just returned from her husband's grandparents' place in Florida; some of the islands. They also have a summer place in Vermont that they visit. She would love to move to either one. She was really envious of our RV lifestyle. I enjoyed chatting with her. She says the gnats are bad due to the cold winter and they all popped out at once when it finally got warm. I get a great cut and highlights. She's nice enough to write it all down for me.

I head home to get Bob and we go to Texas Roadhouse at 4:00. We both have the Early Diner Special. Then we head home to read the paper and watch NCIS and The Good Wife. It's 6:25 p.m. and 73 degrees with 38% humidity. The high was 77 and the low was 59.

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