Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Antiquing Petal and Hattiesburg, MS

Tuesday, April 20, up at 6:30, slept like a rock right after Jay Leno's headlines last night. So sorry to hear Kevin Eubanks is leaving the show. I wonder who will replace him?

As I'm sipping my coffee this chilly, 58-degree morning (63 inside the RV) I hear a loud zap out by Hwy 49. A big truck was coming by so I thought it blew a tire but it seemed too loud and forceful Bob gets up and says we have no water and no power (the RV Park's water pump needs power.) The loud pop was a transformer out by the road. Oh great. I thought it would be hours before they fixed it. But a backup must have kicked in about 10 or 15 minutes later.

So we had breakfast on schedule! It's a goo thing as I'm hungry after yesterday's cycling. We get cleaned up and go to Petal, MS, northeast of Hattiesburg where the antique mall Bob scoped out on-line is out of business (why do they never remove things from the World Wide Web?) So we go to Calico Mall Antique Center on Pine in downtown Hattiesburg. We were here when we were part-time camping in our little Casita staying just south of Hattiesburg at the State Park many years ago. I found $13 worth of postcard. Most everything else was overpriced we thought.

We took Pine Street to 49 and went to The Antique Mall after stopping for a newspaper and a Peach Soda (like a Cream Soda only peachy.) We were here in our prior life also. What a great place. I found 20 or so postcards at 50 cents and a dollar each. Bob found a mini crock creamer that I've been looking for. We spied a brass gofer doorbell cover that looks great about our living room slideout. And I found a $3.00 Christmas tree, skirt, lights and all. And Bob found four heavy-bottomed juice/whiskey glasses. We are too nervous drinking our morning V-8 and juices out of tall, stemmed little wine glasses--not a good combination with light colored carpet. On our way out the door Bob spies two golf pins so we go back and buy them. Since I used my credit card twice in such a short time the guy had to look up a pass code to make it work. I never knew that but it's an interesting security procedure.

We ate at Raynor's Catfish & Seafood place on 49 near the RV Park; it's finally open on a day we went by. Too bad as it was not very memorable and they only take cash. As we go home Hattie greets us at our RV. We stow our treasures and Bob hangs the golfer. He looks perfect aboard the Titanic as you can see from my picture. It's 6:35 p.m.

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